Lets look at non #mainstreaming ideas – Anarchism

Anarchism seeks to abolish forms of government and hierarchy, and to create a society based on voluntary association and mutual aid.

* More direct democracy: Anarchism advocates for direct democracy, where decisions are made by the people involved, rather than by a representative or governing body.

* Greater freedom: Anarchism seeks to maximize freedom, by minimizing the role of the state and maximizing the ability of individuals and communities to make their own decisions.

* Mutual aid and cooperation: Anarchism values mutual aid and cooperation, seeing these as essential for a just and equitable society.

* Decentralization of power: Anarchism seeks to decentralize power, by breaking down centralized structures of authority and allowing communities to govern themselves.

* Critique of state power: Anarchism provides a critique of state power, highlighting the ways in which state power can be abused and used to oppress groups.

* Inspiration for activism: Anarchism has inspired many activists and movements fighting for social justice, as it provides a vision for a society based on equality, freedom, and cooperation.

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