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A term the liberals can understand, in this it is limited to a narrow point of view

The term #enshittification coined by is a pop term for a very real social/tech problem.

I have been using the #dotcons for the last 20 years to express this same idea. I feel this is a better hashtag, but that’s just my view, you can see the thinking for this latter.

The whole 30-year tech ecosystem is designed to CON you ( for profit #dotcom ( They inclosed the #openweb and we (our liberals) went along with this, with “#enshittification” we are still going along with this mess.

A critique of the term “#enshittification

* Obscuring Responsibility: The critique, using terms like “enshittification” obscures the true root causes of the issue. Instead of attributing problems solely to a general decline in quality, the focus should be on identifying specific actors and factors responsible for this decline.

* Profit Motive and Diverging Interests: The critique argues that behind the concept of “enshittification” lies the profit motive inherent in capitalist systems. There’s a divergence of interests between product users (consumers) and product owners (corporations), where decisions are driven by maximizing profits rather than improving user experiences.

* Lack of Accountability: By simplifying issues like “enshittification,” there’s a risk of absolving those responsible for making harmful decisions. The critique should emphasize the need to hold accountable the individuals and entities that prioritize profit over societal well-being.

* Liberal Perspective and Tech Ecosystem: The discussion needs to extend to the role of liberalism and the tech ecosystem in perpetuating these problems. We need to criticize how the #openweb was enclosed and co-opted by the #dotcom industry, with complicity from liberal circles.

* Call to Action: The #dotcons, critique is a call to action against those who exploit technology for profit without regard for societal consequences. It condemns the manipulation and exploitation within the tech industry and urges a more critical approach to understanding and addressing these issues.

In summary, we need to challenge the use of “common sense” terms like “enshittification” to describe complex societal problems, advocating instead for a deeper examination of the profit-driven motives and systemic inequalities that underlie deteriorating online quality and community experiences. #dotcons highlights the importance of accountability and critical analysis in addressing the harmful impacts of technology and capitalism on society.

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