If you do not change your behaviour: preventive repression in Lithuania under Soviet rule

Who is targeted by preventive repression and why? In the Soviet Union, the KGB applied a form of low-intensity preventive policing called prophylactic. Citizens found to be engaging in politically and socially disruptive misdemeanors were invited to discuss their behaviour and to receive a warning. Using novel data from Soviet-occupied Lithuania in the late 1950s and the 1970s, this talk explores the profile and behaviours of the citizens who became subjects of interest to the KGB.


Archives -we dont know what we have.

We need to add metadata.

KGB in Lithuania political prophylactics

Is the exact same process as the oxford police in the political graffiti scene in the turn of this century.

All the KGB strategies were also done as common sense policing here in Oxford.

One is written down and ideological and the other is “our” common sense. We are blind to this, would help if people noticed.

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