This is a truth that our #encryptionists need to be held to account on. The issue is not their code, though we should trust nothing that is not open source and p2p, which rules out almost all of their favourite projects for the last 10 years. And the stuff that in theory could be secure is not because it runs on insecure operating systems, insecure firmware and completely insecure networking equipment.

It’s a closed fantasy that has been a block on working open structures for way to long. Much more than 99.99% of our information infrastructure is “insecure” and let’s be generous .01% that just might be secure is impossible for any normal person to use.

We can’t keep repeating closed, we really need to rebalance with open.

And if anyone thinks encrypted clientservers can be secure. Look at the police spy cases. They drove our vans and were at the heart of our activist meetingsā€¦ you really do not think they were not running our activist internet infrastructure? The friendly shadowy internet geek who volunteers.. You never quite know who he is but the servers stay online and it’s all “encrypted” so must be safe, just trust “us” who ever “us” is.

Open is a large part of the fix for this and whispering in the forest. Never trust digital devices if you are doing anything illegal. Use them to built trust networks if you would like to do something effective. Then go off-line and whisper in the forest, its fun.

To try and be a part of the .01% you have to use single use “burner” equipment from a not obvious public resource. Use a “burner” SIM card or public Wi-Fi. This is harder to do as almost all public spaces have CCTV. Then only Tor not logging into anything you normally log into. When the equipment is used dispose of right away. Preferably by destroying it with prejudice so no data can remain.

Every time you access a resource you have to go through this process a fresh. As each piece of technology has numerous digital “fingerprints” as you do personally, due to how you move mice/gestures on touch screens etc.

Does this sound anything like what your friendly #encryptionists actually dose you would be right 99% of their behaver is actually security theatre, the rest is lifestyle.

We can’t keep believing in the security fairy tail. Its socially unhealthy and obviously silly.