If people care, if people do not care.

The Hive Dalston was a grassroots community centre that was started as a collaboration between radical squatters and more mainstream arts groups. The aim was to take advantage of the Tory “big society” legislation, which offered incentives for the social use of empty properties. However, the project soon failed to maintain its radicalism and became more like a conventional community centre, with a focus on the arts and NGOs.

This highlights the challenges of balancing the need to stay sustainable while remaining relevant and true to the original goals and ideals of the project. The failure of The Hive Dalston raises questions about the viability of similar projects and whether they can walk the tightrope of sustainability and relevance. The success of such projects depends on the level of community support and interest. If people do not care enough about the issues and goals, then they are unlikely to succeed.

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