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I love this image, it says so much about geek/life stylist’s that push bad technology down peoples throats till they vomit and go back to such black holes as facebook and twitter (though twitter at least is open). 

And the solution doesn’t lie in single user blogging platforms such a wordpress as they aren’t designed to scale (when you add the needed plug-ins) to challenge corporate solutions. 

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answered Oct 18 ’10 at 20:11

I’ve tried a lot of Open source solutions and I would like to highlight only two of them:


About: BP is created upon the WordPress Engine, with tons of features but still has some missing. Pros: it is really easy to set up and customize, there are plenty of plugins if you’re not wanting to mimic absolutely every feature Facebook has. Cons: it’s kinda not fully optimized for large amount of traffic, since its a pack of plug-ins built on WordPress (so it has to make some strange and twisted ways to get some things done).


It’s the only REALLY open source social community “a la Facebook” app.

Pros: You have ALL the features you would like, videos, photos, events, etc. It’s VERY similar to Facebook.

Cons: It’s not so-easy to customize… not so so hard neither. It’s still not fully optimized for large amounts of traffic, but still it’s much better at that problem than buddypress.

Depending on your developing skills i would recommend elgg (if you are better than worst) 🙂

But, give them a try, they’re the best apps (except for the ones one can make for oneself).

Hope I had helped!

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We went with as it is proven to scale, though it has its own configuration issues that we are slowly working through.