Published Date 11/2/13 6:04 PM

Next stage on boat (1):

Find friendly boater with a generator and good backup tools

Find a disc changing tool for B&D angle grinder

Mark off 2” cutting on the ceiling bulge

Extra mask and overall – find safety glasses.

Cut the fibre glass, using a hover to reduce dust

Then wood saw to remove the bulge – convert into tender?

Buy box of stainless steel screws and long 2×1′ wood and fix to roof, then apply insulation and floor laminate to make new ceiling.

Soughes trolley to bring down to fake stone slabs from building yard in dolson.

X Buy and wheel down, cut wood for base and make metal braces for holding the vertical slab.

X Order stove to hackspace (send message to list) and flu trolley down to boat.

X Buy sandbags, place in bilge to cushion concrete blocks and in the bow space.

Move boat under bridge, cut 6” hole in roof for flue

X Put stove in place (fix down after testing in place for a week)

Add more vertalation 

Fix flu in place, make metal plate for roof of bout with support.

Get wood

Test fire, carbonmonoxide detecter.

Remove big box, use this to store my non boat positions (need place for this).

Next stage (2):

Think about doing the whole floor with hackspace laminate

Think about using cork tiling as insulation, might not be an issue after wood burner in place.

Buy water bladder for the water box – move the box forwarded under the bed. Basic plumbing in place.

Build a wooden platform for the bed, find a mattress.

Bring down Steve’s cassette toilet – put in place with a curtain.

Put a battery box in place and a number of batteries, fit a second solar panel and wiring for charging from the boat battery’s.

Put LED lighting in place, run cables length of boat, buy on/off switches and put in place.

Next stage (3):

Buy anker and store at front of boat

Fit or build navigation lights

Fit a spot light

More solar panels

Windmill 12v