The need for the #OGB (Open Governance Body) stems from a growing recognition of the limitations of traditional democratic systems, as highlighted in a recent article by The Guardian Progressive movements are increasingly advocating for alternatives, and the #OGB represents one such initiative within the #openweb community.

The article argues that general elections result in a form of representation that is skewed, and the voices of many are left unheard. In response, progressive voices within the #mainstreaming community are calling for the implementation of projects like the #OGB as a governance model native to the #openweb.

The #OGB provides a more inclusive and representative form of governance, where decisions are made collectively and transparently. It seeks to address the shortcomings of existing democratic systems by leveraging digital technologies and community participation.

However, the success of the #OGB depends on the support of coders and community members who are willing to contribute their skills and efforts to its development. This initiative requires both technical expertise and a commitment to the #4opens principles.

In summary, the #OGB represents a promising approach to governance within the #openweb ecosystem, offering an alternative to traditional democratic structures and emphasizing transparency, inclusivity, and community-driven decision-making.

We can’t keep making the same mess, please.