Project Overview: MakingHistory is an initiative within the Open Media Network (#OMN) aimed at preserving and archiving digital content shared across the network. It operates on the same principles and workflow as the renowned Indymedia project but utilizes a different template to organize and categorize content. The primary objective of MakingHistory is to ensure that valuable digital content shared within the OMN ecosystem (and wider #openweb) is preserved for posterity, fostering transparency, accountability, and the democratization of information.

Project Objectives:

  1. Develop and implement a tagging function within the OMN platform to facilitate the archiving process.
  2. Establish archiving nodes within the OMN network to serve as repositories for tagged content.
  3. Enable users to choose specific hashtags for archiving, providing a customizable and decentralized approach to content preservation.
  4. Provide users with a “lossy” view of archived content across the network, allowing them to prioritize which content to focus on archiving.
  5. Foster collaboration with institutions such as libraries,, and universities to ensure the long-term preservation of archived content in structured formats.
  6. Maintain adherence to the principles of the , ensuring that all archived content remains openly accessible and transparent.

Project Benefits:

  1. Preservation of Digital Heritage: MakingHistory ensures that valuable digital content shared within the OMN ecosystem is preserved for future generations, safeguarding our collective digital heritage.
  2. Democratization of Information: By enabling users to archive content based on their interests and priorities, MakingHistory fosters a decentralized approach to information preservation, democratizing access to knowledge.
  3. Transparency and Accountability: MakingHistory promotes transparency and accountability by archiving content in an open and accessible manner, allowing for greater scrutiny and oversight.
  4. Collaboration and Engagement: MakingHistory encourages collaboration with institutions and individuals interested in preserving digital content, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the OMN network.
  5. Scalability and Sustainability: The federated nature of MakingHistory allows for scalability and sustainability, as anyone can run an archiving node within the OMN network, ensuring redundancy and resilience.

Budget Breakdown:

  1. Development of Tagging Function: $10,000
  2. Establishment of Archiving Nodes: $15,000
  3. Outreach and Collaboration: $5,000
  4. Maintenance and Support: $7,000
  5. Contingency: $3,000

Total Budget: $40,000


  • Development and Implementation of Tagging Function: 3 months
  • Establishment of Archiving Nodes: 6 months
  • Outreach and Collaboration: Ongoing
  • Maintenance and Support: Ongoing

Conclusion: MakingHistory is a critical initiative within the Open Media Network, dedicated to preserving and archiving digital content in a decentralized and transparent manner. With your support, we can ensure that valuable digital content is safeguarded for future generations, fostering transparency, accountability, and the democratization of information. Together, let’s make history by preserving our digital heritage for generations to come. Thank you for considering our funding application.