Draft outline script – 01. Buying the boat & motivation

* Hamish life in London – activism (Diaz film money windfall) visionontv video training workshops

– find (do talking head) presenting film/film clip, training workshop montage.

“my name is Hamish have been a media activist for 20 years, i recently was paid a wodge of cash from an Italian feature film. I had been in London for 5 years runing media workshops, i decided it was time to sail away. I had found out about converting lifeboat on the internet. Wile out for a Coffey i discovered a big orange lifeboat covered in concrete blocks”

* Peters boat (need interview)

“I found the source of the London lifeboat and gave a call, a wee man in Aberdeen. dealys lead to a visit to geece”

* Rainbow gathering geek/Albanian border (montage) waiting for boat off rig.

“At the end of the gathering i get a email that my boat would be arriving in a few days” music montage to the sea.”

* Trip to Scotland – best railway line in world/camping on island/ my interview about why boat.

“open with train, call the guy boat is not going to be in a for a few weeks” order later.

Talking head. delay.

* Second trip to Scotland selecting/working on boat – boat speck, what is a enclosed lifeboat.

delay –  the truck was supposed to be a week delay. in the mean time instead of starring out the window, spikes and fluffs working together I decide to goto balcome to do some media training.

* Balcombe – the truck is delayed/ climate change and solar skills

“everything is broken so have to fix the tech side of the camp and no media training is done”

* Boat final arrives – craning (montage)

” talking head fuck what do we do know,

* Boat in water driving to London (montage) with section on low bridges and cyclists. (check cyclist)

“talking head/interview angalgrinding”

“talking head – cycalist” find video

arive in london – talking head.


Find out about the film here

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