Published Date 11/30/12 3:44 PM

Many have dreamed and worked for makeing the internet into a digital utopia which spilles over into the realworld. But while this has been happening a darker future has been building. 

‘all the infrastructure has been built for absolute totalitarianism’ WikiLeaks

The geek answer to this has a tendency to see the world in B&W terms and to dive into a darknet of encryption and secrecy,. this is a dangerous geek mindset that we have to not knee jerk into. So this discussion is both useful for projects such as visionOntv as it highlights the need for them but also bad for such open projects as it drives energy, codeing, and users into a darknet solutions and we all know that it is not healthy for human beings to live in the dark.

The internet was built as a open and transparent network and this was the ression it has been hugely successful at pushing all the closed and obscured networking out of public use. The level of good will and naivety (both very positive forces when building non-mainstream projects) that drove the early internet is now being submerged by many levels of manipulation and control freakery. The answer to this problem is not simple, I am arguing here that the open internet has to be fought for and we should be wary of the geek need for darknet solutions.


Digital utopia or dystopia crosses to the real world – close to decision time are you part of the conversation? 




Q. is this a question of balance?


Q. can a darknet nurture positive-open-human relationships? 


Q. what is the best way to save the open internet?