Pushing defederation from #meta is not wrong in sentiment, the #dotcons are vile and cons. But is wrong from a practical sense, the #Fediverse and #ActivityPub are #openweb based on you do not have technical tools for stopping the #dotcons as the data in the end is in the open, unencrypted, in the database, in #RSS and in open flows.

These people are fighting for the #closedweb on a “native” #openweb platform. This makes no sense at all, incoherences everywhere, the is a lot of this mess over the last 40 years.

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  • @info I don't think it's about closed web as much as 'less commercially exploiting web' or similar that people want (it's a different stance even if looks like they are closing).

    I read https://hamishcampbell.com/fediverse-how-can-we-do-better/

    and basically still feel after reading "We are not ready or even close, though great sentiments".

    And the order of being ready seems very important first and needed before jumping into more unknown things / magnifying more problems with more people / involving more commercial entities… even if all is happening all at the same time, this seems very much first things first and to wait until it is much better…