┬áThis is a #lifecult that has been overwhelmed with the mess we all push. The activists are shovelling and composting for the first time in 40 years faster than we all spread shit over the world. Help them please, don’t be a “common sense” #deathcult worshipper.

This is a #deathcult the only power the isolated individual can find is the power of death he grasps in his hand.

In the UK the trains we have are not for us, they are to exploit us. We don’t have “public services” for us, we have individual exploitation for us, with transport as a secondary role. This is the same for water, energy and the rest. This is what we suffer from 40 years of #deathcult “common sense”. It’s a mess we now have to compost, you need a shovel #OMN

We have had beggars on the last 3 trains, this is normal now in the UK