*** this was a draft from a few years ago ***

London boaters


Ideology right fear

/left hope

The hoard of new boaters test them invite them to crusty boater events ask them for help etc. the ones that are happy to jump across the land water divide bring in. The ones that bulk and retreat push them out.

Publicize the resulting disaster tell each story so that media picks up on this bad vibe

Hide the good in (semi open) private groups

Use direct action on CRT (office occupations, blockaded etc.) with strong media pushing of actions.

Build DIY alts. This is hard one as most alts will push for encloses to profit – need a PGA statement to see which to support and which not.

Punish bad/crap/unsocial boater behaver both inside our community and as a last resort outside.

Do the who thing as lose affinity groups.