Published Date 5/15/16 1:36 PM

Circumnavigating Europe by inland water ways in a converted north sea oil rig lifeboat.

3-4 year trip from London to Russia and back through:

Thames – London

Seine – Paris

Rhone – Marseille

Over winter in the south before returning in the spring:

River Rhine – Germany

River Main – Germany

River Danube – Austria, Balkans

Over winter in Bulgaria:

Black sea – sea of Azov

Then the inland waterways through Russia to St Petersburg and into the Baltic sea

down the coast of the Baltic states and into the canal network in Poland/Germany

Cross channel back to London

I set off from Kew Bridge 11th and the first stop on this journey is the river Darent in Dartford, “Milda” will be here till the weekend of the 21st before setting sail for the Medway (weather and tide permitting)