Boat battery bank

Published Date 9/6/14 8:23 PM

Am working out how to put in an upgraded battery bank for my boat in the space left by removing the air cylinders. (I also need the weight for ballast)

Am looking at installing 2 or 3 of these in the space opened up under my floor (need to be low hight)

Then running 5m of this cable black and red through the centre section of the boat (it is 7.2 long over all)

Connecting it to the battery’s with these

Then putting junction boxes at both ends and feeder lines off to plugs, lighting ect.

Then running the solar charging cable to the battery’s.

(Can use existing one, but need new charge controller soon)

Adding a second alternator in place of the water pump to bulk charge this battery bank.

(need alternator and mounting bracket)


Bought 2x 250amh banner battery’s doing installation under the floor (making the battery box now)

This is the first part of the order I put in:

Thank you for placing an order with us for the following items: 

P01038      1    Product code: P01038 
Part Number: MFB1-1

“Mega & Midi Fuse Power Distribution Box” 
Price: £20.87

P01023      1    Product code: P01023 
Part Number: CM35R

“Extra Flexible Tinned Copper PVC Battery Cable – 35mm² 240A” 
Colour: Red,  Length: By the metre 
Price: £7.49

P01024      1    Product code: P01024 
Part Number: CM35B

“Extra Flexible Tinned Copper PVC Battery Cable – 35mm² 240A” 
Colour: Black,  Length: By the metre 
Price: £7.38

P00125      6    Product code: P00125 
Part Number: CTT35/08

“Copper Tube Terminals – 35mm² Max. Cable” 
Stud Hole Dia: 8mm 
Price: £0.69

P01067      1    Product code: P01067 
Part Number: HRN1002

“Universal 12V Low Tone Disc Horn – 105dB” 
Price: £7.39

P00616      1    Product code: P00616 
Part Number: BIS1014

“Marine Battery Isolator Switch – 2 Positions” 
Price: £19.78

P00513      2    Product code: P00513 
Part Number: MD30

“Midi Link Fuses” 
Current Rating: 30A 
Price: £1.95

P00527      1    Product code: P00527 
Part Number: MF200

“Mega Link Fuses” 
Current Rating: 200A 
Price: £3.48

P00609      2    Product code: P00609 
Part Number: BT461P

“Positive Battery Terminal Clamp – Vertical M8 Stud & Nut” 
Price: £2.69

P00610      2    Product code: P00610 
Part Number: BT461N

“Negative Battery Terminal Clamp – Vertical M8 Stud & Nut” 
Price: £2.69

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