Working on what became known as the “resistance exhibition”

Activism and flaring egos go hand in hand

Well, that almost went well with editing the headboards for the activist project. Shame on us all for it degenerated into shit behaver for the last 45 min.

It’s understandable X wanting a say on the project – an open way to do it would have been to say, let’s make some changes to this KEY doc and discus it for a bit. Then do it.

The doc had been though at least 4 drafts and was waiting for a polish at this stage. This drafting had shaped it as an “open process” without the “you-me” that often peppers language. The definitions (subjects) were all outside on the boards rather than in the intro. This left open and inviting space to take part.

At this stage, while already over time, the way people acted was like lighting a match to a messy explosion. When Y attempt to mediate then closed the job half done, with Z coming in blind, a nasty mess was (hopefully) resolved in a nasty way. We did not need this to happen.

#Openprocess is not a solution, but it helps.