Published Date 7/31/15 2:03 PM

A world to win

The possibility of building a better more just world is far away.

We have no alternatives to offer to the hegemonic neo-liberalisam.

Over the last 20 years we have a decay of left thinking and action.

From the 20th century hierarchical “stop the war”

To the 21st century anarchy of “climate camp”

The open internet which gave birth to the World Wide Web has fallen into the dotcom silos and locked in app echo systems of Apple and Failbook.

Our political institutions have been captured by corporations (Monbiot)

The left is little but shadow puppets playing on a cardboard stage, while Climate Change in hand with rampant neo liberal inequality are burning all that we ones held dear.

A world to win?

The are many of overlapping tributary’s to the wide river of sustainability and justice, the river is there for us to see.

The open internet is still their for a while longer and we have the tools to use it, just not the wile and co-operation to move anywhere.

Our “democraticish” political institutions are still in place (though leaning with decay)

Climate change is going to wash around the world, initially we in the rich west will be less affected than the rest of the world, this gives us a privileged place to affect the outcome of this wave of disruption and devastation. We will have power to challenge the outcome.

Moving to decentralised renewable power is inevitable (no matter what the neo-liberal fools do) this will mediate the eco-transformation climatechange brings.