A short film OUTLINE Hipster Burgers

Published Date 1/14/12 4:52 PM


* street in Dalston, filled with normal people, one hipster, 2 hipsters, half hipsters, then all hipsters

* Café (Otto) camera tracks, line of hipsters to the owner of the café serving Coffey – behind him a bored with organic, vegetarian, and Vegan (crossed out/sold out) burgers in stock.

* Montage different tables of happy hipsters eating burgers, the owner in the background with a questioner.

* Cut to owner asks questions to young pretty hipster couple “Q. something hipster, @ vegetarian or vegan”, hipster girl answers vegan. The owner is interested and asks them to the kitchen to see how the burgers are made.

* kitchen – have to right this bit?

* the owner standing by a rubbish bin, if you look closely in the bin are the cloths of the hipster bot and girl, CUT he washes his handing in a sink and they run red. He walks out of the kitchen smiling. FADE – Next day.

* SHOT morning clean up, glasses washing, righting up on the noticeboard “fresh in vegan burgers”

* CUT Kitchen chopping up the body, CUT to everybody eating

* Reverse opening shot, street full of hipsters, half full, 2 hipsters, one hipster, only normal people.

* Café closed sign, owners shuts door, takes off his hipster glasses and crushes them under foot, walks off – the street is empty.

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