A scrypt for the #OGB video

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Narrator: In a world dominated by #mainstreaming narratives and centralized control, there is a project that dares to think differently. Introducing the #OGB project, an initiative focused on developing trust-based conversations and governance in the #openweb.

[Visual of people engaging in conversations and collaborating]

Narrator: The OGB project is built upon years of on-the-ground organizing, shaped by long expirence of on the ground organization and a Keep It Simple and Sustainable (KISS) approach. To kick this off lets look at it as a native way of working within the #Fediverse, a decentralized social media network.

[Visual of Fediverse logo]

Narrator: The goal of the OGB project is not to dictate protocols and standards to the Fediverse, but rather to create voluntary cooperative and collaborative alliances. It aims to overcome the challenges faced by existing social platforms and build a platform that truly serves social good.

[Visual of diverse group of people working together]

Narrator: The OGB project believes in the power of self-organization and user-driven processes. It draws inspiration from the example of Couchsurfing, where a redesign that removed DIY tools led to disappointment among members. The OGB project advocates for letting members shape their own processes, in the path, to overcome the #geekproblem and foster hope for alternative technology to shape society.

[Visual of people using DIY tools]

Narrator: Governance is a key focus of the OGB project. It aims to build governance structures that are accountable, sustainable, and inclusive. The current governance of the Fediverse can at best be described as “herding cats,” but the OGB project seeks to change that by providing a sortation based framework for effective governance.

[Visual of people discussing and making decisions]

Narrator: The OGB codebase is not limited to the Fediverse; it can be used to democratically run any structure with stakeholders. For example, it can be applied to govern a local street market, with stallholders, shoppers, and affiliated groups all having a say in decision-making.

[Visual of a street market]

Narrator: The OGB project recognizes the unique power dynamics within the Fediverse and aims to build upon its differences rather than conforming to mainstreaming agendas. It emphasizes the need to empower people to do better in alternative technology and socierty.

[Visual of people breaking free from chains]

Narrator: The OGB project acknowledges that there are problems in alt-tech but believes that starting with the principles can remove much of the mess and unlock the true potential for positive outcomes.

[Visual of 4 Opens principles]

Narrator: Ultimately, the OGB project is about challenging the status quo, questioning the mainstreaming narratives, and from this pushing to creating a more equitable and just society. It invites those who can think outside the box and are willing to challenge mainstreaming to join this movement.

[Visual of people joining hands]

Narrator: The OGB project is a call to action, a call to build a better future for the openweb.

[Visual fades out]

[Background music fades out]

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