A post from 19 09 2009 The is a whole load of fake citizen journalism going on

Published Date 10/17/12 1:47 AM

The is a whole load of fake citizen journalism thought going on in this debate Basically “professionals” here see citizen journalism as a way of getting raw material so that they can do “real” journalism on the cheap. But the role of the paid professional journalist is almost eliminated in the digital world as the institutions that support them are bankrupt. In the digital world people do media because they won’t to, not because they are paid to, paid too in the digital world is a hard sell and getting harder. It’s the nature of digital process, not a moral or social choice, people make this mistake – technology shapes our society – so make the most of it. Your old jobs you aspire to are finished, fading fast. If you won’t to be a journalist you need to re-create the profession which isn’t the same as defending the old profession.

Get to it

UPDATE: traditional media is learning to becoming the contemporary media and shaping the new in the image of the past…

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