A conference we organised DRAFT invite from 06 04 2009

Published Date 11/6/12 12:50 AM

The confrunce venue was evicted just before the event! so it when’t ahead in hackney instead.

The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media!

May 8th-10th – new media conference on Raven’s Ait Island.

The imminent commercial collapse of mainstream media, and its replacement by PR-driven news, threatens the journalistic integrity and independence necessary for a free scoiety. The next generation could be without the 4th Estate.

<<media crises links and txt>>

And new media has not realized its potential to fill this space.

Old media and new media need to gather together, sharing skills, resources and experience to create the media of the future.

We invite:

Traditional media people

Alt-media people

Media students

DIY culture practitioners

Indymedia people

Documentary filmmakers

Print journalists

Radio journalists

The conference will concentrate on the audio-visual side of media, with space for break-out groups for print, radio and web.

The space: an eco-conference centre on an island in the Thames 20 mins by train from central London.

We have a large hall, a cinema room, and 3 conference rooms. There is basic crash space for 40 people over the weekend. The conference will be run on an “un-conference” format, and will be funded by contributions for the space and meals over the weekend.

The conference is organised by visionOntv ( – an undercurrents project ( <<bio>>

To book a place <<make a everbright account>>

To add ideas for the conference, contribute to the wiki or contact

The space:

You are very welcome to stay overnight to make the most of your time at the gathering, but we understand if you cannot.

There are three dorms of 6 beds each, and plenty of additional space and mattresses for camping. Please bring a sleeping bag.

A large vegetarian kitchen is available. Gathering participants will be asked to volunteer to create wonderful meals. If you have special dietary needs, please bring food with you.

Outline Agenda


From 5.00pm – social time

7.00 Dinner + go-round to introduce everybody

8.00 Film screening

Sort out accommodation



9.00am Breakfast

10.00 Workshops

1.00pm Lunch

Afternoon – Workshops

Including practical rapid-turnaround film making

7pm Dinner

8pm Film screening + editing


9.00am Breakfast

3 workshops (one practical on island, gardening, tidying etc)


Show our finished films

Social time (some people might head home)


A few people stay to clear up and help with space

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