Trade union 2001 and undercover police

Published Date 7/2/13 8:50 PM

This is 3-4 video reports in one. I made them for FSTV a US satellite station and show the wide spectrum of demonstrating post Genoa. I think the is still one report missing will post it when I find it.

My thinking then as now is to show the tredtional events, walking from A-B in a radical way, but to concentrate more on the fring more alternative party and protest movement.

Brussels 2001 – December 13th, saw possibly the largest ever demonstration of trade union strength across Europe. Well over 100,000 people marched through the capital of the ‘Europe of Profit’ under the slogan, “Europe: it’s us!” 

This film covers the wider demonstrations on that day.

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Boat s 12v and running all your gadgets

Published Date 7/1/13 8:12 PM

Charging is easy with USB and 12v  something like this will work fine (its worth paying a little bit more than the cheapest as they can be a fire hazard) Agen its toss a coin for something like this to work with a apple device. (click on the images for amazon links)

Your boat needs a car power plug, most should come with one, if your boat doesn’t you can just crocodile clip on on you Battery.

It would be a bodge, but would work.