A look at the internal mess of the uk indymedia project

The project i like to point to as an example. The indymedia project an early alt-media network that spread the use of open source software and organizing around the world at the turn of the century. In the UK the was a #geekproblem vs #openweb fight that became nasty over what we would now understand as “activertypub” the fedivers vs more centralized silo approach. In the UK you can see this stress point fought as a proxy war over #RSS

The #openweb aggregation side were sold a dud by the #fashernistas being swayed by the #geekproblem It was obvious that the project had to change and move away from central servers to a more aggregation model. BUT the movement was torpedoed by an obviously pointless opensource project instead of implementing a existing standerds based RSS they created there BETTER, BRIGHTER flavor which was of coures incomparable with everyone else.

This is an example of a “better” but obviously pointless open source project and also destructive behaver. The #indymedia project in the UK was ripped apart internally from this same devide in the end. A bad “open source” outcome. You can find similar behaver today in the fedvers if you look.

Its a intresting thing to look at. Actually you can see 3 active sides in the internal uk #indymedia mess and important to see the outcome that they ALL LOST in the end.

1) #encryptionists (being pushed by the #geekproblem)

2) #fashernistas (being influenced by the #geekoroblem)

3) #openweb being sidelined by the rest

1) The first resisted and blocked aggregation and #RSS from privacy and “securaty” issues.

2) The second is a obviously failed compromise by keeping control of “there” own better, non comparable RSS format.

3) The last, the one the whole project was based on were ignored and sidelined.

The #IMC project soon became irrelevant and died.


The stress and destruction of the boaters on rummelsburg bay in Berlin

ideas for trying to mediate the stress and destruction of the boaters on rummelsburg bay in Berlin:

  1. Keep things open, build many loose networks as well as strong organising groups. Don’t let one side dominate the other.
  1. The full moon gathering – this is a good place for a bay “parliament” in the early evening. Do go rounds/talking circles to bring up issues on the water and hear ideas to solve these issues. Affinity groups of action can and will be formed  organically as outcomes of this. Party latter.  
  1. The boaters “flee market” – swap meets on the landing are a good way of crossing the “invisible” hostile group divisions in the bay. Encourage the gift/swap side but keep the selling side in place to bring every group in. Invite the sorted people who come organically to the full moon gatherings.
  1. Keep the “spreepublik” in place as a more organised/affinity space and partner organisations to the two events above.

Talking to an “academic” what is rainbow

Q. I have been interested in the rainbow gatherings, particularly the political grounds where gatherings come from. Nothing on this subject is talked about on the facebook groups. People are only looking for a nice vacation destination or yoga lessons.

Do people share rainbow philosophy and political ideas?

A. lots of thoughts and experiences on this subject here

Q. have read it. The first few are mostly complaining about change. Without coming with answers or ideas. All there is is a call to go back to old values. Conservatism is not a route that i like to walk. I also dont see how it fits.

In other text there is more explenation and motivation. And i get the ideas. Althoug they seem to be pressed upon us with force and intrigic rigtiousness. What i also dont get is the jargon things seem to be traditionally different because of choice of words. But what they mean stays foggy. What is a “shadow worken” for example? And what if i simply dont agree?

I know what. Than i am a babilonian. And i should have no say because i question things. I should know my place amoung the elders and their traditions.

This does not sound free and healthy. There are obviously a lot of new people drawn to the rainbow movement. I think you should share awareness and knowlege in stead of blaming them for stuff they cant know about. Revieuwing vision is a nessecary need for all sorts of societys.

A. Seeing a “tredtional socierty” talking about its traditions as “conservative” which is I think a defernion of a tredtional society… think that a circle 🙂

A. What is rainbow? if it is NOT a set of myths and traditions is a question you might find interesting to look at?

A. I see you think the is a sold hierarchy were it duse not exist. The idea of rainbow as a “freespace” is the root of the current rot… its simply not and never has been. Yes it is a space were you can be “free” the is a difference 🙂

A. My advice to study rainbow is to cut vegetables in the kitchen, dig shitpits, become the thing you study for a time. The is a surface and then the are the roots, myths and traditions. Don’t stay on the suffice as its overrun by shit and trash and illness both physical and mental. Deep breaths and get you hands active, look up from your work actionaly and see with eyes that see, ears that hear and hands that touch the soil of life.

Don’t be a #fashernista its not helping 😉


The currency of the 21st century is information 

What is the effect of #geekproblem of privacy and encryption and there fetishization of crypto currencies?

The markit (liberal individualism and private property that comes with it) provides information on value based on  explotion greed and selfishness.

Opendata and meta data provides information on value based on connection, cooperation and altruism.

A approach spreads connection, cooperation and altruism into our social world.

A market approach (privacy, indivdalisam and private property based on encryption) allows expotation, greed and selfishness to be at the center of our society.

This is a old ideological and political divide that is not talked about at all in the #geekproblem as the is “no such things as society only individuals and there family’s ”.

Sociatey is based on social norms, walking down the street in safety – soft

Code is hard normes. A policeman on every street corner – hard

The question that we need answers to is how can we talk soft (social) power to the hard power (code) of the #geekproblem when for them such norms are invisible.


Opening up #openweb search

The idea is to incurage plugins for alt/grassroots search results to mix with the #dotcons results.

A “stepaway” project looking for people to build the search plugins for the #activertypub codebases if you know anyone looking for a usefull and intresting project.



With out a wider “ideological” world view you have no place to stepaway from your past mistakes. Everyone needs to look at the world from differing perspectives. The current neo-liberal dogma in all its different fashionable clothes is just that a failed dogma that we clearly need to stepaway from.

The world can be different, I have lived most of my life in a different world to the one that is swallowing everything around me.

I use the word “blinded” to describe meany of the people I meet in tech and grassroots movements. They are blinded for differing surface reasons, on the hippy side it is conspiracy dressed as empty spiritualism. On the liberal progressive side it is internalized neo-liberalism feeding fear, cowardice and greed. Best not to mention the process geeks…

The are paths to stepaway from this mess #openweb is one that would be empowering for both non geeks and the more technically minded.


Figleafs are dangerous in tech.

The #geekproblem fight between open/closed is a dangerous game of figleaf. Media is always done in the open so trying to secure and close this is completely self defeating. In social networks its more complex, privacy in open is sudo anonymous at best. In closed in theory you can have secure p2p connections, but for 99.9% of people running on standard corporate hardwere the is no way to trust this so agen sudo anonymous. So technology could be “secure” for .001% of people maybe.

Please make this clear when talking about these issues as figleafs are dangerous.


For the social change we need

For the social change we need to survive as a society and flourish as a species we need to take some time to go back to basics

All economic syteams are based an unspoken idea of what it is to be human. To be clear if you do not have an understanding of this you have little understanding of anything that matters in the era of #XR

Lets look back to early cristanerty to highlight this idea.

* The old testament is based on a negative view of humanity, greed, selfishness and gluttony are the motivations that god is controlling by forcing us to bow down to his authority.

* The new testament is based on love and common humain society.

* Capitalism is based on greed and the worst parts of human nature

* Socialism is based on altruism and the best parts of human nature

As you can see the divide between these different ideology’s goes back a long way and likely to the dawn of human history.

These simple groupings live within supposedly sister ideology’s think for example of the horizontal’ists and the vertical’ists in progressive movements represent the different views.

When we start to understand this you can use this clear difference to make judgments on what has value and what is destructive in our current society.







The only question that matters is the balance between trust and fear is a useful way of looking at this.


If you are interested in technology and society

Open/closed a look at the issues in tech

The idea of total control manifested in the master/slave relationship of computers and programmers is a core of geek culture.

  • Open is about attempting to share power in society.
  • Closed is about attempting to block social power.

The #geekproblem at root in our society is about liberalism excepting the division of the state and the citizen, its about the liberal ideal of individualism “the is no such thing as society only individuals and there family” though in the case of the #geekproblem its just the individual and not so much the family. Our current #geekproblem is a child of Thatcher and Ragon and the neo-liberalism they embedded into our social minds.

Its interesting to see that the #dotcons (the right) have overcome this #geekproblem and enslaved code, programmers and the network to the control of the capital (and the state) and its sad that the left are children in this game.

A way out of this mess is to clearly reject the “closed” ideas in tech and instead re-embrace “open”. Thus unblocking the social flow, what we do with this flow (dangerous stuff) is up to us. We can recognise the danger yes, but to balance that we MUST recognise the disaster we are in now.

“Closed” feeds and re-enforce disaster and in NO WAY helps society to move from this mess #XR

We need flow not blocking.

Its simple.


OMN questions

Need help with this conversation:

Q. trying to prod some movement outa people here in Berlin its a full time job. people are addicted to pointless. Do you think this is to silly b

A. As an engineer this is too woolly to understand. We work with simple unambiguous user stories. In the format “As a … I can do … So that …” Then it is easy to check the feature meets the story. Anything else is just noise. You start with the big stories then add more details to additional stories.

Q. yep trying to express anacky as a coding project… it tends to go round in circles a lot… phwww… its hard to code nobody being in control as that is the definition of computers and why geeks like them… how to express this…

A. For example “As a community owner I can tag one of my users as a spammer so their output is tagged as spam and can be ignored by others.

Q. Of course it’s not nobody being in control, its groups and commnertys. The control is not a part of the code as much as possible.

A. Or: as a community owner I can tag another community as unmanaged spammers so all their out can be ignored

Q. yep would kinda work like that, more likely the user would drop the feed or put the feed on moderation? the tagging would be redirecting the data?
so only tag if you find some value.

A. You could easily adjust the story to say that
Then you have no ambiguity. Which can kill a project.

Q. OK am back to boat in a bit we are back to being in the middle of the bay accessible by rowing. Going to try and sit down tomorrow and talk to an intelligent guy about this and try and map it out tommorow.