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A trip down the big river

Published Date 3/21/14 2:36 PM

A trip through central London on the river Thames from Brentford to Limehouse.

Ready to set-off from the last squatted mooring on the big river, near Kew bridge.

Very calm for the first half.

The crew relax and take photes

The bridges were easer than further up the river as they were wider.

Just about to enter the ruff part of the trip (Photo from liquid highway)

It got so ruff and busy we didn’t get any photos or videos of the best bit (:

Arrived safe but shakenup (:


The tech manifesto of the OMN

Published Date 3/20/14 4:27 PM


In tech development the are many paths and some of these lead to much more fertile ground to cultivate for the open internet/open society path that the ONM is taking.

We clearly reject:

* Client server relationships.

* Closed security culture.

* Geek only designer aesthetics and vanilla geek culture in general.

* Data ownership and closed licensing.

We vocally support:

* Peer to peer relationships and crossover federated client server infrastructure.

* Open security culture, with appropriate limited closed peer to peer security.

* A balance of geek usability and outreach simplicity – the ability to switch in the same app between the two.

* Geek embracing and mingling other cultures.

* Open data formats and CC licensing.

The OMN is open to any open-source/open-data/open-licence project free software projects. The are a number of a applications we like: – Completely built in the right way from a standardise based approach, but owned by a controlling agandered profit/survival driven company.

Retroshear – an open source Peer to Peer client, dose pretty much all we need for personal security and communication.

Would it be possible to tide these together into a open globel – peer to peer secure cross over platform based on the retrosher app and the liferay API?

Popcorn time – Torrent streaming, can we use this with API to host and seed the torrents to provide video distribution and hosting.

OMN – RSS mashup network, for us this would be base on the Liferay platform and the video distributed vier the popcorn time app.

The clever use of HTML5 webapps on smart phones.