Ignore what they say, look at what they do

The #dotcons can not be fixed, the #fashionistas who keep flocking to new “ethical’ish” ones are a problem, not a solution.

The are a simple way to judge the value of an “alt/grassroots” tech project.

  1. Open data – is the basic part of a project. Without this openness, they cannot function. Open data is essential for transparency and collaboration.
  2. Open source – refers to “free software.” This keeps development healthy by increasing interconnectedness and fostering serendipity. Open licenses, such as Creative Commons, ensure the freedom of software. Open source encourages collaboration and innovation.
  3. Open “industrial” standards – are foundational for the open internet and WWW Open standards ensure interoperability and compatibility, enabling diverse systems to work together seamlessly.
  4. Open process – is the most nebulous part but crucial for collaboration and trust. Examples include wikis and activity streams. Open process ensures that project workflows are transparent and participatory.

It’s easy to become a project and join the #openweb family:

  • 2 opens: Bronze badge
  • 3 opens: Silver badge
  • 4 opens: Gold badge