Draft outline script – 01. Buying the boat & motivation

* Hamish life in London – activism (Diaz film money windfall) visionontv video training workshops

– find (do talking head) presenting film/film clip, training workshop montage.

“my name is Hamish have been a media activist for 20 years, i recently was paid a wodge of cash from an Italian feature film. I had been in London for 5 years runing media workshops, i decided it was time to sail away. I had found out about converting lifeboat on the internet. Wile out for a Coffey i discovered a big orange lifeboat covered in concrete blocks”

* Peters boat (need interview)

“I found the source of the London lifeboat and gave a call, a wee man in Aberdeen. dealys lead to a visit to geece”

* Rainbow gathering geek/Albanian border (montage) waiting for boat off rig.

“At the end of the gathering i get a email that my boat would be arriving in a few days” music montage to the sea.”

* Trip to Scotland – best railway line in world/camping on island/ my interview about why boat.

“open with train, call the guy boat is not going to be in a for a few weeks” order later.

Talking head. delay.

* Second trip to Scotland selecting/working on boat – boat speck, what is a enclosed lifeboat.

delay –  the truck was supposed to be a week delay. in the mean time instead of starring out the window, spikes and fluffs working together I decide to goto balcome to do some media training.

* Balcombe – the truck is delayed/ climate change and solar skills

“everything is broken so have to fix the tech side of the camp and no media training is done”

* Boat final arrives – craning (montage)

” talking head fuck what do we do know,

* Boat in water driving to London (montage) with section on low bridges and cyclists. (check cyclist)

“talking head/interview angalgrinding”

“talking head – cycalist” find video

arive in london – talking head.


Find out about the film here


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The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do. It uses technology to build human networks.

There are ONLY 5 main functions:

* Publish (object to stream) – to publish a blog post or FB/instagram etc update

* Subscribe (to stream of objects) – to a person or organization, a page, a group, a subject

* Moderate (stream or object) – you can say I like/not like this

* Rollback (stream or object) – you can remove from your flow untrusted historical content

* Edit (meta data of object or stream) – you can edit the metadata in any site you have a login on.

[A simple single user example: you publish something, you add metadata (give tags) on your site, if someone is subscribed to you they receive what you’ve just published (into a page, a side-bar, moderation queue, etc) and they can add a new tag to it.

If you find interesting content you should subscribe to that person/organization/tag/site… if you’re not sure about them you can put them on moderation (they appear only on your private news feed, not your public one), if you trust them you can let them through (they appear on your public news feed) if they break your trust, you can rollback their content (back in time to when they’ve started spamming you. Their new content is now shown on your private news feed only, but you can let individual pieces through).] this is not quite right… need updating, its hard to wright simple user story’s.

Meany more user story’s

This is the back-end of the project, it is a DIY trust based grassroots semantic web building project. The front-end can be anything you like.

We have a basic news version coded and there is a plan for a video and audio versions in the future.


Extinction Rebellion outside the filterbubble

If you won’t to network about this outside #failbook or

We need to reboot our networks outside the #dotcons if they are to speak beyond the #filterbubles to wider society.

You can find this wider view by searching on the #openweb