The OMN Its a network of flows


Its a network of flows

Pub/Sub and Fat-ping (update)

Pub is flow out, Sub is flow in

SUB – Input any feed (RSS etc) converts to “data objects”

Internal database holds a redundant copy of all the “data objects” text/meta-data of all its SUBS

PUB – Output any feed (RSS, activity-pub etc.) a stream of “data objects”

The Fat ping are used to sync the tag based meta data for each “data object “across the sub/pub feeds.

All the non text data is held on the original server.

The Open Media Network (OMN)

“We can’t engage as communities, unless we have money. I can’t even express how angry this makes me.” – an activist group using Facebook. People and organizations who feel this way are the initial targets. is an unfettered space for Activists and groups to communicate and a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access their members via #openweb projects.

If you do care about privacy, want to be a conscious user, or otherwise believe in digital freedom make #openworlds your default search engine.

Coming soon a whole new #openweb of videos at

You can get involved its past time to step back to the #openweb

visionOntv – A bit of history

Our main visionontv site (running for 10 years) has generated many millions of downloads and video views for other video account holders vie RSS, torrents, embeds and playlists. The early part of the project was based on RSS/peer2peer were its difficult to get hard figures.

We can count the views on our secondary target the mainstream social networks. Have generated over 32 million video views on 9 video streaming sites, the top 3 are undercurrents were we posted all the videos for the first years 24,653,171 views, then the newer visionontv which we gradually moved to 4,829,654 views and blip our main hosting site which has since disappeared had more than 1.2 million views. The rest had around 2 million video views between them.

We have produced over 1000 original video reports and studio shows at hundreds of venues in support of campaigning groups. Run nearly 100 free training workshop on how to be a grassroots video journalist. Facilitated live streaming at conferences and events.

Currently we are running 5 servers and hosting 14 websites.

Testing peertube webRTC seedboxes

Have been test useing seedboxs to store and server video for peertube installs. For first test setup am useing Vuze with a RSS and webRTC plugin as this is a easey.

The latist version of peertube am useing has implemented feeds, these work fine and send the new videos posted to the torrent dowenload app, which then dowenloads and seeds these videos in throry vier webRTC torrents. Anyone new watching these videos should get part of the video from my seedbox (on a modern laptop/fast DSL line in london).

The problem is that very rearly duse anything come off my seedbox. I have sat and watched it for few days, its now serving 36 videos for 3 diffrent peertube instances. Some of these videos I posted my self some are dowenloded ver RSS feed.

Have a look at this image full screen to see whats happening.

A metaphorical view of tech and society

The data soup

Mobs do not have minds, but they do have lots of tasty cultural bits bubbling and stirring that make a good humane soup we feed and grow on.

Experts/individuals have small minds and little/narrow incite into wider social truths they build single view expert solutions to universal mob swirling problems. These are cold bowl of moldy soup in no time, #fashernistas see steaming bowl for a moment tasty and nice to eat before moving onto the next leaving it forgotten cold and then decaying into dry mold.

  • Facebook is a expert created system for feeding/off mobs and privatizing there energy into private profit and social (mob) control. Its about taking all the tasty bit out of the data soup and feeding them to a tiny minority of “experts”.
  • is a out of date fragile (#geekproblem) expert system for holding/keeping “mobish” data into the open future. Its the right project done in the wrong way but fine as a handle for the iron cauldron that contains the OMN data soup we need to build.
  • OMN is a non expert system to empower a diversity of expert/ish that bubbles out of mobs. Its a diversity of ladle in the never ending data soup cooked in a big iron cauldron. It’s Jesus and the fishes and wine, the “religious” power of #4opens.

#KISS and #4opens

Seeding video on the openweb

Published Date 3/8/18 12:32 PM

We are #rebooting the #openweb side of project based on in early/middle of April.

The idea is to run this as decentralised as possible, that is to only temporally store the large videos files on the central server and rely much more on seedboxes in peoples homes and business.

Am looking for a few people to help set these up and host them for the first roll-out.


* A low power computer (raspberry pie, old laptop, desktop)
* With a big external usb HD
* Running a torrent app configured to pull the video files down and seed them ver RSS from
the visionontv server.
This APP can be rate limited depending on your internet connection to stop your ISP complaining.
Then this is left online and dues its thing, you become a core part of the #openweb and OMN

We have to move nearly 2000 videos with more than 30 million views off the #dotcon and back onto the #openweb

Be a part of this.

Lets look at some alt projects from the perspective of the 4opens Themediafund

Lets look at some alt projects from the perspective of the #4opens – Themediafund

Open data – the site has no visible RSS its likely wordpress so maybe has a hidden feed. Copyright content so the data is closed and locked vier copyright.
1/4 open

Open source – The site is likely wordpress so opensource but everything else is copyright. All the media is stored in #dotcon so not a open. Give them 1/4 open

Open “industrial” standards – Well wordpress is kinda a standard, but they do not openly support RSS, podcasting and all media is vier #dotcon so no.

Open process – The is no visible process (likely hidden bureaucratic open’ish). For tech dev I cannot fined the code anywhere.

Escaping the dotcon worldwide

Published Date 11/4/17 2:40 PM

UPDATE this is in process.

Escaping the #dotcon worldwide

Terms of services – based on the #4opens

* Activist – based on PGA hallmarks

* NGO – find a big org and use that’s TOS

Copy the mastodon TOS and refocus to the above

* Names x2

* Domains x2

Then setup Github sites with these names to run the tech side of the project and provide a on-line organizing space.

We need a list of outreach orgs and contacts in this likely all ready exists.

Funding document writing for LUSH

4opens archiving project

Published Date 10/27/17 4:23 PM


The creation of a data soup of semantic enriched digital items on a redundant federated network around the world.

The WitchesCauldron is a commons based on the 4opens motivated by PGA hallmarks

Simple and human scale KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) to facilitate DIY.

Be part of this federated network built using the tools of the OMN (Open Media Network)