Solar howto install for a narrowboat

Installing a solar setup on a winter narrowboat adventure

A video how to with @crispynails

A list with links to components:

300W REC Twin Peak 2 BLK Panels

20A Budget 12v/24v MPPT charge Controller


Tracer CN and iTracer to MT50 Meter cable

MT50 MPPT Display meter

6mm Solar Cable

MC4 Connectors – Pair

Victron BatteryProtect 65A (optional) 

I did not install this in the end as the basic boat electrics were a bit spaghetti and would not have the time to trubble shoot any random outcomes, might do it later.

Servicing the battery’s – winter narrowboating adventures

Before you add solar it would be good to look at your battery setup, a video howto:


The battery rejuvenation and the solar install are doing wonders for the narrow boat batterys. They used to be 12.6v droping fast to 12.25v now they a more healthy 12.8v slowly dropping to 12.5v

For people who aren’t knowledgeable about 12v lead acid batterys, the useable power is between 12.8v down to 12.2v and best not to go down under 12.4v as you start to degrade the batterys at this level. The big advantage of solar is that it keeps the batterys at full charge regularly, a very healthy state for big lead acid batterys.

After a few weeks on solar charge and all main lights converted to LED can see that the boat batterys should be good for the next year or two.

Next am looking at boat insulation, the boat practically has non, 10mm foam, air gap, then thin wood. Thinking about adding some spray foam behind the wood in parts to see if it makes a difference to condensation on the sides of the bed to test a section. Can also add 10mm car sound dampening stick on closed foam under the inside cunals which is a cold spot?

At the moment the boat is a fridge, the second thin wooden skin radeates the heat in the boat into the air gap, which then drowes more cold air from the bilges as it rises and vents out of the roof vents. ie. the boat acturly is a fridge… apart from ripping it all out and starting agen – ideas to medate this issue?

Draft outline script – 01. Buying the boat & motivation

* Hamish life in London – activism (Diaz film money windfall) visionontv video training workshops

– find (do talking head) presenting film/film clip, training workshop montage.

“my name is Hamish have been a media activist for 20 years, i recently was paid a wodge of cash from an Italian feature film. I had been in London for 5 years runing media workshops, i decided it was time to sail away. I had found out about converting lifeboat on the internet. Wile out for a Coffey i discovered a big orange lifeboat covered in concrete blocks”

* Peters boat (need interview)

“I found the source of the London lifeboat and gave a call, a wee man in Aberdeen. dealys lead to a visit to geece”

* Rainbow gathering geek/Albanian border (montage) waiting for boat off rig.

“At the end of the gathering i get a email that my boat would be arriving in a few days” music montage to the sea.”

* Trip to Scotland – best railway line in world/camping on island/ my interview about why boat.

“open with train, call the guy boat is not going to be in a for a few weeks” order later.

Talking head. delay.

* Second trip to Scotland selecting/working on boat – boat speck, what is a enclosed lifeboat.

delay –  the truck was supposed to be a week delay. in the mean time instead of starring out the window, spikes and fluffs working together I decide to goto balcome to do some media training.

* Balcombe – the truck is delayed/ climate change and solar skills

“everything is broken so have to fix the tech side of the camp and no media training is done”

* Boat final arrives – craning (montage)

” talking head fuck what do we do know,

* Boat in water driving to London (montage) with section on low bridges and cyclists. (check cyclist)

“talking head/interview angalgrinding”

“talking head – cycalist” find video

arive in london – talking head.


Find out about the film here


The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, #4opens project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do. It uses technology to build human networks.

There are ONLY 5 main functions:

* Publish (object to stream) – to publish a blog post or FB/instagram etc update

* Subscribe (to stream of objects) – to a person or organization, a page, a group, a subject

* Moderate (stream or object) – you can say I like/not like this

* Rollback (stream or object) – you can remove from your flow untrusted historical content

* Edit (meta data of object or stream) – you can edit the metadata in any site you have a login on.

[A simple single user example: you publish something, you add metadata (give tags) on your site, if someone is subscribed to you they receive what you’ve just published (into a page, a side-bar, moderation queue, etc) and they can add a new tag to it.

If you find interesting content you should subscribe to that person/organization/tag/site… if you’re not sure about them you can put them on moderation (they appear only on your private news feed, not your public one), if you trust them you can let them through (they appear on your public news feed) if they break your trust, you can rollback their content (back in time to when they’ve started spamming you. Their new content is now shown on your private news feed only, but you can let individual pieces through).] this is not quite right… need updating, its hard to wright simple user story’s.

Meany more user story’s

This is the back-end of the project, it is a DIY trust based grassroots semantic web building project. The front-end can be anything you like.

We have a basic news version coded and there is a plan for a video and audio versions in the future.

Extinction Rebellion outside the filterbubble

If you won’t to network about this outside #failbook or

We need to reboot our networks outside the #dotcons if they are to speak beyond the #filterbubles to wider society.

You can find this wider view by searching on the #openweb


A look at how technology shapes progressive/radical media- looking forward – looking back

3 events at newspeak house this winter:
Session 1) Looking back – how technology shaped the production and distribution of radical/progressive media like #Undercurrents, #Indymedia etc.

Session 2) The current day – failure of radical media technology. The rise of the #dotcons and the new alt-media projects.

Session 3) Looking forward – The #activetypub meetup. This is an update on the state of current #openweb projects. A continuation of the very successful #Mastodon meetups that I setup last year, opening up to the wider projects like #Peertube, #Pleroma, #Pixalfeed etc.

What kind of format do you imagine?

First two would be presentation, with long Q&A sessions and feedback from other participants that arrive on the day. Following the successful meetups last year, the last session is a user group go round with a few lightening talks and Q&A.

Session 1) I’m planning to invite one of the founders of both Undercurrents and IMC to speak. I was also involved in both so we would have 3 perspective’s. I would have to cover the expenses of these speakers.

Session 2) I’m currently looking for speakers. I can talk/guide on this subject to shape the agenda to the subject.

Session 3) We have a list of people to invite from our meetup group from last year, so it will be a continuity user group meetup with fresh outreach.

And who do you imagine as your target audience?

Session 1) People who were involved (a lot) on the production and distribution of radical/progressive media. Historians (a few), and people interested in the 3 workshops and the subject of tech and politics in general.

Session 2) The same people from the first session will come to the second one, plus next generation who built good things inside the #doctons (for example UK uncut, student protests, current radical media projects and their ordinances).

Session 3) The same people from the first two sessions, plus the people running the Mastodon instances. Both developers and users, as well as the new alt media producers to connect with the developers/sysadmins

For outreach there will be two bites of the cherry, the publicity for the event and the publicity for each of the sessions.

Draft of our funding for the story

Become partners in the story telling and invites to live events.

£1 reward – Buys ana a coffee so she can get out of bed in the morning.

• you get to see the draft edit of the show before it goes live

£10 reward – Buys 1GB of mobile internet to allows us to upload one video.

• you get access to the photo/video albums

• you get to see the draft edit of the show before it goes live

£20 reward – You fill our water tank while in a rare marina stop.

• You get invited to a monthly live video chat

• you get access to the photo/video albums

• you have access to the live working documents.

• you get to see the draft edit of the show before it goes live

£100 reward – Replace a key part of equipment that brakes all the time.

• you are sent a small souvenir of the boat

• you get to see the draft edit of the show before it goes live

• you get acess to the photo/video albums

• You get invited to a monthly live video chat

• you have access to the live working documents.

£300 reward – Upgrades a key part of the boat.
• you get to see the draft edit of the show before it goes live
• you get access to the photo/video albums
• You get invited to a monthly live video chat
• you have access to the live working documents.
• you are sent a small souvenir of the boat
• You get a special thankyou at the end of the next video

21 episodes of our video travel-log from London to the Black Sea and back via the East. One episode to be released approximately every month

Video Blogging
01. Buying the boat & motivation
02. London boating life + building the boat
03. Preparing to leave + Medway
04. Kew to Medway
05. Medway + English Channel
06. Calais to Paris
07. Paris to winter mooring
08. Winter mooring to Strasbourg
09. Strasbourg to Bamberg
10. Bamberg to Linz
11. Winter mooring / back to London
12. London life / getting boat ready ( drones ) / back on the water / boat club waving us goodbuy
13. Danube / Linz to Serbian border
14. Danube / Serbia
15. Serbia to Black Sea

Carrying on:
16. Constanta to Ukraine
17. Ukraine to Kiev
18. Kiev to Warsaw / boat on truck
19. Warsaw to Berlin
20. Berlin to the Low Countries
21. Low Countries to London

Patreon: 21 episodes during 2yrs aprox 1 episode/month
+ picture book of the trip

The shows will be 20-30 mintes long and free to watch on the #openweb ( and youtube.

Then Crowdfund for a feature length documentary

Helping the stepaway from the #dotcons

I have 5 working/funded/stable #openweb projects to push this winter to wider ordences.

Covering News, Social Media, Video and Search.

Be the change you wont to see #stepaway from the #dotcons back to the openweb. #4opens are key for projects to work dont drink to deeply from the #encryptionist stream 😉

Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon – the problem of #failbook

Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon, this is understood.

Yet for the last 10 years they have been increasingly/largely organized on Facebook and its importent to state the obvuse that this is having an affect on the gatherings. Facebook being a #dotcon is full on strong Babylon energy and this energy is overflowing/washing over into the Rainbow Gatherings and the people that come to them.

For #rainbow to have most of its organizing and communication in/on #failbook has been a clear bringing Babylon into Rainbow disaster. You can see this in the illness/eco disaster’s at European gatherings over the last 5 years. The recent regional one I was at for 3 weeks in Serbia this summer strongly affected, I was almost the only expirenced rainbow persion there most of the time. The were no Serbions, the ones that came all left after a few days. It was organised (not foculised) by a Bosnion who had real issues with serbs that keept serficeing in uncuftable ways. most of my time there was spent worked hard on the ground in circles to heal this on going “mess”. Though it had good moments.

Ok, your reading this and saying this is not my problem, facebook works for me etc. it might not be your interest, but saying this is is a problem should not be #blocked on rainbow facebook pages. Talking about the issues after the Serbion gathering and disaster of the polish Europen Gathering, why am being #blocked and called a troll on #failbook rainbow pages? Were did this power to block and censer come from in our gtaherings? The tag #failbook (the are other tags) is not my point of view its mainstream lots of links here on the #openweb that show this.

If you won’t to take Rainbow into Babylon that’s fine and good. But please don’t bring Babylon into Rainbow. Remember Rainbow is not Babylon. We build our gatherings away from Babylon, just as we need to foculise and tell our story’s away from Babylon. In this our use of #Failbook is a clear and urgent problem for #rainbow

“step away”

Radical Networks

Q. “From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the World Wide Web, the concept of a free and open Internet is continously threatened by corporate interests and over-reaching governments. Radical Networks is a festival and a conference, designed to foster critical discussions around these issues and to create opportunities to learn more about policy, DIY networking and the future of the Internet.”
Radical Networks 2018
October 19-21, 2018 in Berlin, Germany

A. #fashernista I used to go to these and always wondered why I was there… we need a clear step away from events like this… were to step to is the question? Ideas?

Q. why do you think is not good attend this kind of event?

A. as they are run by and for a “social class” that is largely irrelevant or “blocking” by taking up space and funding, not that I have much hope for the funding being used in a useful way the taking of the space is a problem.

Ideas? Are the events on the same subject? Would like to be involved as have been working in this area for a long time… and have a number of active projects.