Today’s left-wing politics, represented by figures like Biden, Stammer and Macron, has devolved into a form of centrism that tries to balance market interests with bureaucratic oversight. This blend results in policies that are neither here nor there, failing to inspire or facilitate any genuine change or challenge. The only real appeal of this kind of politics is that it’s “better than the alternative,” often perceived as extreme right-wing or fascist ideologies.

This centrist approach, sometimes referred to as the “extreme centre” is fundamentally immoderate. Moderates, or centrist politicians, lack positive arguments and any real vision. They focus on pragmatism and compromise, reducing politics to a series of performative acts rather than any real democratic outcomes. This lack of a clear, compelling vision makes centrism unappealing and devoid of substantive change.

Figures like Obama and Tony Blear were “successful” because they projected an image of visionary leadership, though, in reality, their vision was about maintaining the status quo through pragmatism and compromise. This kind of leadership is about the performance of having a vision rather than the actual implementation of transformative ideas.

There is a symbiotic relationship between centrist politicians and right-wing populists. Right-wing leaders like Trump, Farage and Johnson adopt a persona of being a “yokel” or an “idiot,” which elicits scorn from the educated elite. This dynamic appeals to those who resent the cultural #mainstreaming, creating an “us vs. them” mentality. Voters feeling marginalized by the #mainstreaming mess and disdain find solace in supporting these populist figures as a form of “rebellion”.

Right-wing populists perform a caricature of fascism or idiocy to appeal to their base, while centrist politicians maintain a veneer of moral superiority. This dynamic creates a dichotomy, where voters feel compelled to choose between two unappealing options. Both sides thrive on this manufactured conflict, ensuring their ongoing mutual dominance in the political landscape.

The media plays a significant role in perpetuating this flawed system. The upcoming UK election demonstrates that mainstream media is not a reliable ally for the public. There is a pressing need for alternative media that can amplify diverse voices and present genuine political options outside the false dichotomy of centrism and right-wing populism.

Mainstream politics today, dominated by a centrist approach, lacking vision and substance, is inherently flawed. The symbiotic relationship between centrist politicians and right-wing populists creates a political landscape that stifles progress and any needed innovation. To break free from this cycle, it is crucial to foster alternative media like the #OMN alongside social and political movements that offer real, transformative solutions.