The hashtag #deathcult is a highly charged but uncontroversial characterization of #neoliberalism.

The hashtag #deathcult is a highly charged but uncontroversial characterization of #neoliberalism.

The #hashtag was coined by #hamishcampbell on his blog ( from long expirence of protest, this came to a head at the launch of Extinction Rebellion (XR) a global environmental activist movement that seeks to raise awareness about the urgent threat of climate change and biodiversity loss. Known for its nonviolent direct actions, such as protests and civil disobedience, to push governments to take stronger action on the climate crisis.

XR and its supporters, unspoken, view the current political system as a #deathcult because they believe that it is not taking the necessary actions to address the climate crisis and is instead prioritizing economic growth and profits over the long-term survival of the planet and its inhabitants. In their view, the political system is driven by a destructive #ideology that prioritizes short-term gains over the well-being of future generations and the environment.

They argue that this approach is unsustainable and will lead to the collapse of ecosystems, mass extinction of species, and severe impacts on human societies, such as food and water shortages, displacement, and conflict.

The hashtag is simple, a metaphor for the last 40 years of #Neoliberalism, which is a political and economic #ideology that emphasizes the importance of free markets, deregulation, and minimal government intervention in the “economy”. Over the last four decades, this ideology has shaped the policies of many countries, leading to a shift toward globalization, privatization, and a focus on maximizing profits.

This has led to negative outcomes, increasing income inequality, job loss, and a decline in social services and safety nets for those in need, contributing to a culture of greed and a disregard for well-being, leading to #deathcult mentality in which individuals prioritize their own self interests over the collective and ecological good.

A second look

The hashtag #deathcult is a charged and emotive characterization of #neoliberalism, a political and economic ideology that fetishizes free markets, individualism, and limited government intervention in the economy. Proponents of neoliberalism argue that it leads to increased economic growth, increased prosperity, and greater individual freedom, while critics argue that it leads to inequality, the degradation of public goods and services, erosion of workers’ rights and the death of our civilization.

The term #deathcult highlights the negative impacts of neoliberalism, characterizing it as a destructive and dangerous ideology. This term should be used by people who are critical of #neoliberalism, and who believe that its focus on profit and individualism comes at the expense of the well-being of communities and the environment.



If you cant understand ideolagy, you generaly cannot “think”

Thinking about #Ideology plays a role in shaping society as it provides a framework for understanding the world and determining values, beliefs, and principles that guide behaviour and decision-making. By understanding a society’s #mainstreaming ideologies, we can better understand its political, social, and cultural institutions, as well as the motivations behind various actions and decisions.

For example, a society’s often unspoken political ideology can influence the formation of political parties, the structure of government, and the laws and policies that are enacted. Social ideologies can shape the relationships between different groups in society, such as the roles and expectations of men and women, the treatment of minorities, and the distribution of resources. Cultural ideologies can shape our beliefs about beauty, art, and morality, as well as the way in which history is interpreted and remembered.

In short, understanding the idea of ideology is important because it provides insight into the underlying beliefs, values, and motivations that drive human behaviour and shape society. It helps us to make sense of the world around us and make informed decisions about the future.


This is a way of stepping away from the post-truth would

Please look at the underlining agender BEFORE pushing “new” ideas please.

* Conservatism/right wing is based on fear and the resulting desire for control.

* Progressive/left wing is based on cooperation and trust with the resulting desire for freedom.

Yes this is muddled by right wing agenders to push their lies. Don’t be a #fashernista on this subject please.

#Ideology matters, is a useful tool, to judge the shit #fashernistas spew. “It is how reactionary politics works, by appealing to sense of injustice and then, instead of focusing anger on the rightful target (capitalism etc) they create a movement to serve their own class interests, in this case far right libertarianism.”

This is a way of stepping away from the post-truth would.