Published Date 2/11/16 5:30 PM

Here are two views on this subject:

We have Phil Windley who thinks the open internet was a historical fluke here he is talking about the very real view that the internet is finished, that the commons have been enclosed by the #dotcons silos and what remains outside are terminally withered and dying.

Then Dave Winer who argues that the #openweb comes in waves and what Phil Windley is arguing is but the drawing back of the water before the next wave of open washes in.

My point of view is that both are right, the open internet was a historical “mistake” and with Winer that there are a few waves left, the storm is not over yet. The is a logic to the digitisation of everything and the web was a living example of this let loss, it was a tsunamis that crashed over every part of our cultures and the storm is not over yet.

The commons opened up by the early web are enclosed by #dotcons, but their sea defences are low and weak and the digitisation storm still rages.