Serbian rainbow 2018

When a rainbow gathering is “organized” rather than “foculised” you live through a more “dull” than “shiny” rainbow.

The gathering is 600m up in wooded mountains so we have both sun and regular strong thunder storms with torrential rain.

The kitchen was built before i came over a few dry days of flimsy plastic sheets on a dry stream bed surrounded by trees. We are in the mountains so when it inevitability rains/thunder for a week we have a river running over the kitchen leaving mud and rot. The was no energy or focus to build a new/stronger kitchen on dry ground.

The main fire was built by the “party crew” on a fine day in the drainage ditch running through the centre of the field. When it rained of course the whole fire was washed away and became a “sacred pool”.

This lack of awareness of living with nature and continuing “Babylon energy”, talking about fixing the “problem” of “unthinking” standing against nature and fighting against natural flows. The talk, dig more ditches to move the water away from were it wonted to go. Were the rainbow way is of course to live with the flows of nature, build “organic” structures in places in harmony with nature.

The gathering was looking like a fail, too hard-core daily existences for out reach or to stay in the low energy of the gathering. Leave or try to save it?

The building of the new kitchen took 5 days with lots of pushing. At a shiny rainbow it would have been built in 2 days with lots of joy. The pushing it self is a problem/not rainbow. Rearly the existing gathering was not rainbow. What to do?

The kitchen was built, circles happen, workshops start and the rainbow begins, this was rainbow 🙂

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