“now is not the time”

Are you the one saying “now is not the time” If this is you, get off your knees and lift your head and look at the mess you have made.
We do all worship a #deathcult, so please work hard to compost this #mainstreaming



Using the power of #4opens

The #4opens has many useful roles, one that needs highlighting now is grassroots tech projects being pushed aside by obviously parasite #NGO and #fashernista tech projects that grow from them.

Over the last 20 years, in my in-depth expirence this happens in every case

The open process makes visible this #techshit so we can compost it at source.

Use the #4opens in all your grassroots tech please.


Have 2 #openweb videos to make

Have 2 videos scripts to do:

* The #OGB why, what, were

* The hashtag story, using all the tags to show the current mess and paths auta it. While defining each tag. This is a challenge.

The script needs to end up as something like this

So looking for a list of bullet points for subjects and then quotes to drop in the rest can be made up on camera.

Who is up for helping with this on the wiki


Ask the question of what needs fixing.

Open-Source Security: How Digital Infrastructure Is Built on a House of Cards – Lawfare”

Can you see the underlining problem assumptions in this #mainstreaming agenda? Pushing ideas to “protect the commons” almost always ends up distorting the commons, there is a history in nature to this.

As the article says in a round about way, the problem is the irresponsible failure of the market mechanisms that try and exploit the commons. There is a long history to this.

Now ask the question of what needs fixing?