Who is the troll?

On Facebook, you guys all bought into this disaster. Arguing it was the best thing to do for outreach media and staying in touch with friends and family. You got angry at people who told you this was dangerous and would fail you as individuals and fail us all as a society. You my friends on #failbook created this mess.

The start of excepting you are in a abusive relationship is to publicly admit this and publicly stepaway from this mess to more healthy relationships #OMN

History is a circal. The last election we had the opportunity to move away to the best of the 20th century. We instead choose the worset and our embrace of the #dotcons is core to this fail.
This is a lot of trolling going on in #failbook and most do not see themselves as trolls.
The is morality then the is basic common sense (which is a product of ideology/lived experience) people tend to mix them up.
Am thinking most people will see this as the first thus more trolling will happen. WHO IS THE TROLL is an intresting question at this point.
This is a disater as Failbook and Google are in a race to get you to click on cat memes to acheve this outcome
Please dont forget that on #failbook we (the clective we) created this mess by doing exacly what you wont to do now, if we were on a #dotcons (click)
Its basic stuff.

OMN is a trust based project

The idea is to use human moderation flows as a feature to spread federation wider. Each flow has to first be created then is either trusted – ie they are going to keep posting good stuff or moderated that sometimes they post good stuff.

So the system only scales if human beings reach out to each other to build trust links. If everything stays on moderation then the workload soon becomes unmanageable or the site is overrun by irelevance or spam. In both cases the site sesses to be useful. This is a core feature of the network to push human scale federated trust communities.

The only way to get a useful site is to build a big healthy community (with wide groups of admins and moderators) or a small focus trust group based on quality choice of connections. Both are good outcomes, and what the #OMN is about building.

If we build in automation then we will have lots of middling quality sites that are borderline useful. A signal to noise issue. There will be less motivation to spesherlise and the network will likely fail because of this.

Less is more is a core of the project. The #geekproblem is the desire to improve the network with better tools

Spam and low quality posts have to find a way to flow into the network and when they are in they need to then flow to the quality parts of the network.

The problem we face is that there might not be any sites allowing new content in… so this will lead to the need to set up more outlying sites and spread the network wider and narrow the focus of these new sites to keep admin down, spreading the network wider and narrowing the focus etc.

You see an organic growth of base sites narrow/local/subject to middle sites regional/topic to top sites outreach/mainstreaming.

The bottom sites feedup to the top sites both by quality tags subject feeds and aggregation editorial articles. In both cases these directly link back to the bottom content sites.

The traditional value pyramid is reversed – the top sites are easey to setup and admin but hard to add value to. The middle sites are the core of the project sifting and adding value vier aggregation. All the true value lies at the base were the publishing happens


Boatingeurope LiFeP04 battery upgrade for liveaboard lifeboat

Looking at upgrading my boat liveing battery setup. Am following this guide to dip my toe in, currently my main 500amp leadacide battery bank has failed after 4 years use due to a fault on my #MPPT solar controller with the boat left on hard standing in romania over winter. Being under voltage for a few months killed them.

Last year in the spring while on the danube delta I did a quick fix by rewiring to an old 110amp good quality starter battery I had as the boat liveing bank. This has lasted us through this year on low power usage overnight.

It’s time to get a better setup.

On order: and