Were next #Brexit in the era of rotting concrete ideolagy.

A. The EU institutions have neoliberalism as a concrete foundation. Quite simply this is a DEAD ideology that threatens to kill us all… it will be hard to build a different ideology ecosystem on top of this rotting concrete. BUT its the concrete we have and the weather is changeing. Deep breath, disaster in, bigger disaster out. Any ideas for a path to better foundations for our social lives. Its the time for creative thinking/action, its rearly not helpfull to call for stepping back to an imagined past.

Q. Not really true. Neoliberalism was introduced by Blair and New Labour after expansion into eastern Europe (Poland in particular) made the previous social model – structural funds for Europe’s poorer countries – became unaffordable. Blair started the Old Europe/New Europe nonsense, aided by the Open Society Foundation pushing privatisation in eastern Europe. Then came the debacle of the European Constitution that tried to balance greater federalism (which actually would have made the EU more democratic) with Blair and allies’ demands for neoliberalism. The constitution failed and Blair won – Lisbon was nearly all neoliberalism and minimal democracy.

A. Fair anufe it came out of capitalisam/liberalism and was then captured by neo-liberal concrete in the 1980’s onward.

Q. To be fair, that was the politics of Europe at the time. It’s a union of independent countries – the EU’s primary decision-making body is the council made up of member state governments. The EU can’t have different politics to its member states – to do that it either it has to become more federal or the majority of governments have to change.

Q. More accurate to say that the Euro’s current rules embody neoliberalism?

A. The whole project was set solid in the 1990’s they poured lot of concrete foundations to build a neoliberal Europe on. Just about everything EU is built on these now rotting foundations. #brixet

Take note am not anti EU and would support revoking #brixet if that was a good outcome. What i do care about is people moveing on with eyes open. The current dominate ideolagy is broken, we need to do something different, as some radical/liberal commentators have said we need new story’s to explain the world in the era of climate chaos and the end of the death cult of neoliberalism.


If you want a good progressive media you need to challenge the powerpolatics that our current individual groups are based on

Power Politics, if you are interested in a progressive alt-media, this cannot continue as a core social solutions to the majority of problems. We need a genuine consensus based approach, which cannot happen if powerpolatics is an unspoken option in social movements. We have an existing social movement to build alt media and an easey to build outcome from this dead end problem, I express this as the in a less diluted form this is expressed in the open source/freesofterwere movement that almost all the world’s tech is already based on.

The cream of our new media networks such as #navaramedia are embedded in power politics and powerfully against such movements as the by ignoring issues that do not push there powerpolatics agender.

We have smaller groups such as #reelnews who are affinity groups, “family” based . They work in the horizontal world but there output is still largely building the powerpolatics worldviews.

The are many bottom feeding NGO projects such as the #mediafund who would like to be a part of powerpolatics but try to achieve this by feeding off projects building copies of alt media to subsidies there failing funding/powerpolatics agenders.

There are a bunch of “successful” alt media projects, such as #commondreams that feed off and feed back into the “chattering classes” these are irrelevant for progressive alt-media outcomes. But they do produce content that could be a part of a progressive media network

We currently have flows of content that aggregated actually builds a strong progressive media. BUT each of these projects that support the production of this media are embedded in and do not see outside powerpolatics agenders thus we currently do not have a strong progressive alt media. The best outcome of the current alt media projects is that Navaramedia become the new guardian newspaper, look at the #powerpolatics capture that ended up.

If you want a good progressive media you need to challenge the powerpolatics that our current individual groups are based on. One such network is the #OMN what ideas do you have?


Its hard to find a external battery that works with laptops and solar power.

XT-20000QC2 Power Bank – modern DC/USB QC2 battery with 20400mAh – 1x USB, 1x USB QC 2.0 and DC connection of 12V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V and 24V 65W max.

On my boat I like this portable battery  as it outputs 12-24v and USB and charges from both as well, it will charge slowly off a small USB solar panel and fast off a full size 12v one. Hasn’t broken yet 😉

USB with a fast charger and a good cable charging is up to 15w with normal 5w and a bad cable 2.5w

From a 12-24v source charging is up to 30w


A question for fashionistas is drinking piss healthy?

A. Start a outreach stepaway from the #dotcons project and watch the old crap crubbale when you glance back. Be a part of a soughted #fashernistas movement to create social change #OMN

Q. You have been saying this over and over for the last few years and railing against the mysterious #fashernistas. And what plan did you announce this week? To start your own YouTube channel! “Physician heal thyself” seems an appropriate comment …

A. Nothing wrong in having one foot in a each camp, have been saying this for years. “Stepaway” is the strategy to try and medate the moralistic shaming that is not constructive. Am still talking about seedboxs for #peertube and the #geekproblem that stops this obviously needed, being a priority works as a video host but we have no distributed way to store the seed files… so not an option. Thus the youtube channel for #boatingeurope Of course would need one even if #peertube had seedbox’s to keep one foot in the #dotcons to offer a helping hand to people who won’t to septaway. Good to think these things through.

Ps. Am gently takeing the piss by calling it a #fashernista movement, but if you look at people’s consumption of #mainstreammedia it looks very much like people like drinking piss so maybe its not a joke?

Now that is a “shaming” thought…


A conversation about nuclear power as band aid for climate change

Q. Find it hard to understand people who support new nuclear power as a climate solution. Yes technically it could be but politically its just divide and destroy of progress movements as its not going to happen simple. Look at the history of dishonest/ridiculously over cost agenders, simple its poison, please support something people can get behind.

A. I agree it’s a political problem, not a technical one. Sadly, physics doesn’t give a flying fuck wether a solution is politically feasible or not. The planet is warming at a speed faster than any in the last 60 million years, and that spells serious trouble unless we decarbonise everything really quickly. And that means not just electricity, but transport, cement, construction, industry and everything else. Not in 50 years, but now. That’s why renewables can’t do it. Not because they can’t in principle, of course they could. But simply because it will take us decades to ramp up the production facilities necessary to churn out enough solar panels to plaster them everywhere in order to generate electricity that is needed.

What we need now is a band aid. And there is no band aid better than nuclear power to get us out of the current pickle. Nothing deliver small kilowatt-hours put dollar invested. Nothing delivers more kilowatt hours per unit of greenhouse gas emissions. Nothing delivers more kilowatt hours per unit of land taken up. You just can’t do without it.

Q. Climate chaos is here we need new infrastructure to be usable in a more divided and disorganized society’s. Ie. We need new infrastructure to be on the “horizontal” rather than “vertical” balance. As vertical solution like nuclear power are a dangerous choice in a unstable/changing world. A completely fucked up example is the new Hinkley Point power station build at sea level with a high fixed garrentyed price for generations, it will likely be underwater and abandond before it’s put into use would be a good outcom, underwater after turned on would be a complete human/eco disaster. This is not to mention the nuclear elephant up north Sellafield were the is no solution to sea level rise. Just stop this crap now comes to mind.

Q. I agree that Hinkley Point and Sellafield are idiotic choices. But that argument is the same as saying that hammers should be banned because some idiot use one to bash in the head of his girlfriend. It’s a tool. You can use it well or you can use it badly.

The problem with that disorganised and divided society you mention is that there are so very many of us on this planet. Over half of us already live in cities, and that number is increasing rapidly. We can’t disorganise that. On the contrary, you need scalable solutions to ensure that these people have a decent life, rather than a dog eat dog one.

Q. And, since we have to decarbonise everything to ensure that agriculture has a halfway decent chance of feeding all of these people,

Q. We need to figure out a way of supplying enough energy for all of these people in their needs. In the short term, nothing scales like nuclear. Hydropower destroys landscapes. Thermal power plants have thrown us into the pickle we are in today. Nothing else scales as quickly as nuclear. And, since the balance of the evidence available from the nuclear attacks on Japan and the various accidents that have happened since show that radioactivity is more feared than actually dangerous, I really don’t see what’s stopping us.

A. I hear what you are saying but how do you change nuclear from a long ongoing history a poison to one of light and delight in unstable #dotcons dominated times. Its really not helpful to push this against Decentralized renewables. A state lead enforcement of energy “austerity” to be sweetened by pushing as insulation of existing infrastructure to make the world as it is more sustainable and more robust. The only realistic solution is collective action, everything else is a vertical tecno fixe which are always a problem and never a solution. Its already a mess lets try to not to make it messer. You can argue that the is no time and no hope, a fair point of view, but, keep focus, the solution has to be social and nuclear is not a part of this.