Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon – the problem of #failbook

Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon, this understood.

Yet for the last 10 years they have been increasingly/largely organized on Facebook, this is having an affect on the gatherings. Facebook being a #dotcon is strong Babylon energy and this energy is overflowing into the Rainbow Gatherings.

For #rainbow to have most of its organizing and communication in/on #failbook is a clear bringing Babylon into Rainbow disaster. You can see this in the illness/eco disaster’s at European gatherings over the last 5 years. The regional one I was at for 3 weeks in Serbia this summer was such, though worked hard on the ground in circles to heal this.

Ok, your reading this and saying this is not my problem, it works for me etc. it might not be your interest, but saying this is clearly not bullshit. So why am being #blocked and called a troll for talking about this on #failbook rainbow pages? Were did this power to block and censer come from?

The tag #failbook (the are other tags) is not my point of view its mainstream https://mastodon.social/tags/failbook lots of links here on the #openweb that show this. So 1) not only my point if view 2) a mainstream point of view.

If you won’t to take rainbow into Babylon that’s fine and good. But please don’t bring Babylon into rainbow. Remember rainbow is not Babylon. We build our gatherings away from Babylon. Just as we need to foculise and tell our story’s away from Babylon. In this #Failbook is a clear and urgent problem for #rainbow

“step away”

Should the state run #failbook


A. Is this a good idea?

Q. It is certainly a better idea. Whether or not it is the best possible is another question …

A. We already have a healthy alt to the #dotcons growing. Do we need a state run one. This is a new look at a old debate between anarchist and socialists maybe. Https://campaign.openworlds.info

Q. The thing is that any alternative needs a certain critical mass of people to adopt it before it will work. I just can’t see how the breakthrough can be made by any completely independent alternative. Anything that can take over from FB needs massive publicity.

A. The “fedvers/activertypub” network has over 2 million users and growing. What we need now is a push and keep pushing of this. The Labour party should be doing this… it will likely not due to #fashernista agendas… but am not inside to make a real judgement in this? Any one in the loop?

A. What would a state lead social network look like? A big centralized #failbook or a local run federated network?