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Hamish Campbell’s blog covers a range of topics related to technology, activism, social justice, and the #openweb. As an activist, Hamish provides insightful commentary and analysis on issues such as digital rights, decentralized technology, media activism, climate change, and more.

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  • Thought-provoking content: Hamish’s blog offers thought-provoking insights and perspectives on contemporary issues in technology and activism. Whether it’s discussing the impact of social media on society or exploring alternatives to mainstream platforms, his posts stimulate critical thinking and inspire discussion.
  • Expertise in digital activism: With years of experience in digital activism and media production, Hamish brings a wealth of knowledge to his blog. His insights into the intersection of technology and activism provide valuable guidance for individuals and organizations looking to make a positive impact in the digital sphere.
  • Openweb advocacy: Hamish is a passionate advocate for the #openweb and #decentralized technology. His blog delves into topics such as the importance of preserving net neutrality, the dangers of centralization in online platforms, and the potential of decentralized alternatives to empower people and protect digital empowerment.
  • Diversity of topics: From technical discussions about peer-to-peer networks and the mess of blockchain technology to reflections on the state of contemporary grassroots politics and society, Hamish’s blog covers a diverse range of topics. Subscribers can expect to find engaging content that spans multiple disciplines and interests.

Overall, subscribing to Hamish Campbell’s blog provides readers with a unique opportunity to stay informed about important issues in #technology, #activism, and social justice, while also gaining valuable insights from an experienced and knowledgeable voice in the field.