Official launch of the special issue on “Change in Armed Conflict”

Join the Minerva Global Security Programme for the official launch of the special issue on “Change in Armed Conflict,” as featured in the International Political Science Review.This publication establishes a new agenda in the examination of change in armed conflict. It approaches the theme as a dynamic social phenomenon, employing a shared conceptual framework that encompasses five dimensions of change. Serving as a ‘lingua franca,’ this framework unites diverse approaches and perspectives, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


Very Oxford, the event is about the terms academics use to study war and conflicts, it’s about words and categories about violence. How the skinny non-violent crew talk about the muscular dangerous crew.

Words and categories of the vile are cleaned and abstracted, spoken in a building that is likely a temple of the #deathcult. A place of worship, the pouring of funding and bright young things down the drain in the face of rushing displacement, starvation and death of #climatechaos

The must be some value here, but it’s not visible in the talk or images. Even shit has value in composting, am here with a shovel. Through from the talk so far there is only academic constipation, so nothing to shovel.

OK we have one presentation a tool for mapping conflict over time, a bit interesting.

Had a ontopic post removed twise from a campaining facebook group I used to be an admin for.

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No description needed … if an admin says “stop being a dick” they are looking at the ban hammer.

“Off topic posts are deleted. Political posts, campaigns (except HS2 / Kill The Bill & traveller rights,) memes, pets lost from locations away from the waterways, news and petitions not directly related to boats or boaters or London canals and rivers will also be deleted. Fly-tipping and bin-porn posts will be locked before they descend into a bin fire. Towpath tidy/litter picking posts will be celebrated – be the change you wish to see.

As this London boaters specific post was removed by admins. Can I ask when this rule was added, and where was the community outreach on for this thanks. As I was an admin on this page for meany years, and this is not a native thing to do.
In London, we need to talk about what works and what does not work to save our practical lifestyle.

We generally agree that [#CRT]is [#notfitforpurpose], and we want to do something about this…/ A good reaction post to this “Think this is great, but wouldn’t it be better to do it when the office is actually open?” its the normal A to B march problem and the subject of the #XR big one demo video I made about this here what the #NBTA is doing is not unworthy, but it’s not going to actually change us losing this one. To do that, you would need something more affective. The spiky/fluffy debate in the video above.

Question to London boaters, what can we do to make the change that is needed at #CRT

Thinking about A to B marches as activism, does it work

Aditya Chakrabortty: ‘“Common sense” creates the folklore of the future, that is a more or less rigidified phase of a certain time and place.’

Our “common sense” is not our social friend after 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult


Clues on how to compost #mainstremining #deathcult worshiping

 This is a #lifecult that has been overwhelmed with the mess we all push. The activists are shovelling and composting for the first time in 40 years faster than we all spread shit over the world. Help them please, don’t be a “common sense” #deathcult worshipper.

This is a #deathcult the only power the isolated individual can find is the power of death he grasps in his hand.

In the UK the trains we have are not for us, they are to exploit us. We don’t have “public services” for us, we have individual exploitation for us, with transport as a secondary role. This is the same for water, energy and the rest. This is what we suffer from 40 years of #deathcult “common sense”. It’s a mess we now have to compost, you need a shovel #OMN

We have had beggars on the last 3 trains, this is normal now in the UK

#dontbeaprat is a positive statement of what’s next?

In activism (and interestingly less so in #mainstreaming life now) #stupidindividualism is a constant poison. With #blinded, people treat critical social thinking as ONLY personal criticism. This has the effect of #blocking that spreads mess over the very needed social change and challenge. Am increasingly using the  #dontbeaprat hashtag to communicate on this problem.

I think another useful hashtag on this behaviour is #blinded, which is in part self-inflicted and in part a general social outcome of the last 40 years of worshipping #postmodernism and #neoliberalism. The hashtag #deathcult is a useful “uncomfortable” way of expressing this.

Why is this such an issue, people are directly responsible for this mess making, as both of these ideologies are actually dead themselves now. It’s an intellectual  zombie block.

So #dontbeaprat is a positive statement of what’s next?

Please #dontbeaprat on this, thanks.

NGI Zero open source funding talks about the @sovtechfund

NGI Zero open source funding
The @sovtechfund is offering grants to people who contribute to a sustainable open source ecosystem. Grants go up to €300,000 per application and cover three main topics:

1. Improve FOSS Developer Tooling
2. Securing FOSS Software Production
3. FOSS Infrastructure Documentation

With this program, the Sovereign Tech Fund seeks to stimulate an open digital infrastructure: fundamental technologies that enable the creation of other software. #opensource
Three Challenges to Contribute Back to Open Source

UPDATE Looks like people are also arguing this point

We are pouring public funding down the drain agen, these criteria are feeding the #geekproblem not actually trying to take the “problem” out of our geek paths. The people who PUSH this agenda are the problem – please POINT at them and talk about this mess, thanks.

Can we get a link to the people making the agenda, thanks, will try polite conversation #4opens

I worked with the guy who used to be behind the #NGIzero account, we did good stuff with the #EU outreach.

The replacement, I have no idea who they are and getting #blocking

This is a #4opens fail.

In all these toots am talking past “people” to talk about things/social/groups and not directly to individuals, they are second in all these conversations. This is the place where social value lives. The problem is, we don’t have hardly any of this… which is the subject am talking about.

#blocking is not seeing this, addressing this, the is a lot of blocking going on 😉

Am happy to talk to “individuals” as a first step.

Pouring money down the drain, because the majority of the problems in the #Fediverse and the #openweb are social not technical – if they only fund technical parts of this culture they are feeding the “problem” and this problem is going to pour the resources down the drain.

I understand this is a hard conversation to have, we have to try.

First step is #4opens, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE PUSHING MESS while doing “good”, step into the light please #openprocess

Ignoring this basic #openprocess is #blocking, this is why conversations are done in public #4opens

yes, I understand the fear this creates and the desire to #block, but this then makes the #4opens fail more visible if people wont to use this for the needed change and challenge if they don’t yes it’s more noise what are you signal or noise 🙂

Signal vs Nose.

I find #mainstreaming people to be actually mad and increasingly bad. When do we get more #4opens people pushing change challenge in these #openweb spaces, please?

Am increasingly seeing this #blocking as a culture of fear, or more real as a culture of fear pushed as power politics.

Am thinking meany people will be confused and likely mix signal with noise on this subject.

Who are the bad people, the powerless pushing the #4opens on the #openweb or the powerful Burocrats worshipping the #deathcult while protecting these thin careers in the #mainstreaming

If you find yourself agenst the first and defending the second, then you are the problem.

This makes your behaver noise, and what you do very likely to be more #techshit to compost.

I wonder if people understand what activism is on the #openweb any more?

You talk to people to explane why they are doing WRONG, and at the same time you push them as HARD as you can to change their wrong behaver.

This works best with the #fluffy #spiky debate as a core part of this process.

People who keep saying “why can’t we all get along”, and “wouldent it go better if we were nice to each other” and the PROBLEM blocking the activism from having the needed affect…

Mainstreaming “common sense” insanity

Am starting to get the feeling we have really fucked up on the #Fediverse… It was coming, has it arrived?

I went to a geek meetup yesterday, and I came away with a feeling that our insanity is too deep to move away from. This is a problem for people who would like to see some active change and challenge. People really are insane in the era of #XR and #climatechaos

People are suiciding the idea of the #openweb agen, they can’t help themselves. 40 years of worshipping of the #deathcult affects people’s attempt to be humane, “common sense” wins in the current mess each time. This is BAD, very bad, come on guys #4opens

Ideas from the mental help profershernal please for dealing with #mainstreaming “common sense” insanity.

The #hashtags embody a story and world-view

My use of #hashtags is confusing a lot of people, good to have some signal in the noise on this subject am using them in the way the #WWW was designed to use them #KISS

The #hashtags embody a story and world-view that are rooted in a progressive and critical perspective on technology and society. They highlight the negative impact of neoliberalism (#deathcult) and consumer capitalism (#fashernista) on society, and promote the original ideals of the World Wide Web and internet culture (#openweb). The #closedweb hashtag critiques the for-profit internet and its social consequences, while the #4opens promote the principles of transparency, collaboration, and sharing in open-source development.

The #geekproblem hashtag draws attention to the cultural movement of geeks, who can become blinded by their own technical knowledge and fail to consider the broader social implications of their work (#techshit). The #encryptionists hashtag critiques the dominant belief among some geeks that all solutions need more encryption, which can lead to a desire for total control and artificial scarcity.

Overall, these hashtags are interlocking and tell a wide-ranging story and world-view that advocates for a more humane, collaborative, and transparent approach to technology and society. The #nothingnew hashtag raises the question of whether new technological projects are needed, or whether we should focus on improving existing ones. The #techchurn hashtag refers to the technological outcome of the #geekproblem, which can lead to a constant cycle of new projects that do not address underlying social issues. Finally, the #OMN and #indymediaback hashtags promote the idea of an open media network and the rebooting of the altmedia project that was once the size of traditional media on the #openweb. The #OGB hashtag represents the need for open governance and the power of community to make decisions collectively.

You are making a mess of social technology

From my prospective, a lot of people are being prats on social/technology. This should be obvuse statement, but it’s not. If you think about this we can take two paths, the first is to #block this, obviously making more pratish behaver. The second is to ask questions and grow, thus reducing pratish behaver. In this era of #stupidindividualism which path do you think people take, and yes they ARE oftern being prats on this 😉 Get off your knees comes to mind, and please be less of a prat.

The last 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult (#neoliberalism salted with #postmodernism poisoned our communities by making individualism toxic. I am all for freedom, that people can be stupid if they want to be, but I keep using my freedom to tell them that this is often pratish behaver that is toxic and self-destructive. It’s up to them if they want to act on this communication, and yes, the #stupidindividualism thing to do is to #block this communication.

In this, it’s up to YOU to get off your knees, to stop worshipping the #deathcult (neoliberalism salted with postmodernism) and to look up to see you are making a mess of social technology.