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Making History - Resistance Exhibition!

This is a project I partnered to kick off - needs new energy.


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Don’t trust the #fashernista

Thinking about Uber and the dysfunction of Facebook.

Its time to #reboot many part’s of the #openweb With the “visibility” of the failing of #dotcon such as #failbook privacy/obscured agronomic control of you, #uber and the race to the bottom culture.

The will be a plausible “class” of people who come up with convincing sounding solutions, these #fashernista are not part of any solution and are a clear and historical core to our failers in the past.

I understand its hard to see the differences of tech projects what is worth supporting and what not. We have issues from two different directions that have to at least a little understood to have a hope of supporting projects that have the possibility to be part of a real LINKING alt.

* #fashernista thinking/working

* the #geekprobelm

These are opposite side to the same coin.

“A river that needs crossing - On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over complexity”

A good first step solution to both is the #4opens

They will dis-empower the worst of the #fashernista thinking by shining light on their actions and mediate to a better outcome the “closing push” of the #geekproblem by keeping the LINKING in place.

Simple and sweet a first step solution in a hash tag ;)

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Draft funding app for OMN

needs more work, comment please

1) Tell us about the world as you see it.

The world is ruining headlong into out of control climate change. Our fragile society, just in time distribution etc. bodes not well for a humain outcome

Our political class is morally bankrupt and incapable of dealing with these crises.

As a person interested in technology and its impact on society, a hope of the early 21st century is/was the open internet, the transformation to peer to peer relationships. This has/is being enclosed by the #dotcon such as facebook, youtube, instagram, uber etc. Their silo'ed data and invisible algorithm controls what we know and do.

The 20th centery was a had a strong noble streek trying to make the human condition a better thing. In the 21st we have less idealisam and mouch more need for this.

The enclosed world reinforces the bad status que. The open world, while being two sided in outcome at least rebalances this.

Over my life I have seen real peer to peer groups that have sustained and renewed them selves for months, years, decades. We can and need to do better useing these examples.

----- defernition -----


Is a place for holding/hoarding closed data – this is used by the #dotcons to extract funding form “free users” when mainstream/alt silo projects finish, as 99.9% do, the data varnishes and is lost, and in this the effectiveness of any alt building is diminished. Silos do not use open licensing for content re-use. Just about every alt/grassroots media project is a silo. It's about capturing data.


2) What change do you want to make in the world?

I would like to play a role in seeding a diversity of functioning peer to peer alternatives as both a practical and a exemplar to inspire and inform a more positive sustainable world. Its too big a mission to save the world but planting and nurturing seeds is a start.

I have been working over the years to build and sustain alt/grassroots media in the UK and the wider world.

There is a wide spread feeling that the #dotcon are bad for us as individuals, making us sad and isolated, and the wider society. Its nearly mainstream that people want a way out.

Alt/grassroots media used to play a larger role in the world, now it is small and isolated over run by loons and conspiracy. I wont to work in a world I know very well to #reboot it as a working networked 4opens exemplar.

Alt media are a small exmaplr that did and can agen have a large impact.

---------- defernition ----------


Is an idea that you can be the big one, all the small fashionista websites aspire to be the big one and by doing this they are working to the logic of the #dotcon and working against the logic of the openweb. They are building a project to lock there users into their project. Portal and silo are overlapping (but different) ideas for building web projects. In the mainstream, apple is a prime example of this working. In the alt/grassroots almost all alt/grassroots media projects are portals. It's about capturing users

3) What do you believe has prevented this change to date?

Nothing am going to say is original, and little am proposing is original.

There is a long forgotten trail of siled/protel alternatives to the #dotcon and simuler failed alt/grasstroots media projects. I have lived through and been at the centres of this churning of siloed thinking. A number of recurring themes come to mind:

Geek problem


one other

Basically alt/grassroot media projects are/have been isolated islands with limited sense of history and continuity. Alt/grassrots media does not link to each other in this they are stuck as late 20th century silos.

As an extra issue that am not going to address the are no/few business models to sustain projects based on the #4opens. I dont propse a sulution to this, but opening up a space will brining fresh minds to this isssue.

–----- defernition ------


Are for-profit data silos in the old days working as portals, more recently they are building out siloed networks as a pseudo networked portal. Many alt media projects aspire to be #dotcon

4) What are you going to do to get there?

in the short term - Get list of existing grassroots/alt media sites to prominently link to each other on their front pages.

Longer term, building on this new found affinity and effectiveness build out KISS exemplary digital tools to peer to peer facilitate this first stage. LINK OMN

In this roll out #4opens will “inoculate” new generations to the endemic scourge of geek problem, fashernista thinking etc.

I know all the players in alt media space current and passed.

--------- defernition ----------


is where ALL the value is on the open web. Without links content has NO VALUE.

5) What challenges or uncertainties do you expect to face?

Nobody will be interested in this because they do not understand openweb ideas, I don’t think this is a big hurdle just getting funding will likely be anufe to take a step over this, fashernistas love funding and "new" toys.

Old media thinking has been a block on opeweb tech for news for a long time, but this blocking is whering due to the fading of the strength of old media and the incrocing strength of the #dotcon

If they are they will say its been done before. The is a strong smell of defeat in much of the alt/grassroots – its all been a big fuckup for the last 10 years or so.

People just want to use corporate tools. It took them a long time to understand that this was a problem but they have a fear now of #dotcon

The #dotcon will push their own “solution” to the very problems they embody. In this we may not overcome the geek and fashionista problem. This is a hard one.

-------- defernition ------


A subculture that is wraparound right in many outcomes and helped to strangle the original successful alt/grassroots media projects.

6) What part does openness play in your idea?

it has been interesting to read your website :) a nice feeling to come out from the wilderness... as a sayed before the is nothing original in the basic tech that needs developing. It would be nice to get some funding that wasent pushing me into being a branded portal...


open license

open source (free software)

open data

open process (the hardiest one)

In a small seedling way, the wider, OMN plays a role in booting up a plot of KISS semantic web.


------------ defernition -----------


A wider subculture that churns the growth of alt/grassroots so little can grow beyond seedlings.



need to outline the KISS OMN project think the is a link...


------------ defernition ------------


The liberals that use bureaucratic funding to push out the geek and NGO agendas over alt/grassroots projects.



yes, but no if this is a problem (LOOK at small print)



other - we have a pot of match funding from the visionontv project that wants the OMN tech to roll out a alt/grassroots node (part of a wider network) CHECK SMALL PRINT



10) Who are your current or potential key partners?*


list of alt media groups, list of alt-tech orgs


--------------------- defernition -----------------


Is an understanding of mutual aid and of “diversity of strategy”. It's native to the openweb and should be at the base of any alt/grassroots media project. In the closed #dotcon A/B testing is a shadow of this.



not for profit



home rivers of European, have a base in London

life bout milda most work can be done online










update the CV


make a video









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Some thoughts on the OMN idea

You would have to be very out of touch not to see that echo chambers are inherent to #failbook and historically less on #twitter though they have changed over to a algorithmic time line you have to opt out of. The OMN is only moderated by humans. It has a built in "market" that rewards trust thus actively builds out human networks. Groups that link will grow, thoughs who do not will slide back as others move forward.

Arrogance & Ignorance and how to get past this blocking is the issue. You don't overcome A&I that's not an option. But getting round it is well possible. The OMN is built on the human condition of trust and serendipity. Both hard human sells, but both the only values we have if your not up for shooting people dead to get your way.

Echo chamber is just a #fashernesta word for feeding prejudice in this it's the same as buying a tabloid in the old days or listing to R4 and only shouting at the radio when you disagree. The OMN opens - echo chamber closes. Of course we understand that "open" is not a solution, but it is better than closed...

Its easy to misses the point about "open data" you don't have any control of the machine network that the #dotcon work with. And if you understand the issues with geeks you will likely never have power over complex digital tools. The way out of this is in the #4opens this "forces" the geeks lose of the power they desire and need to be motivated. In this you have a riddle which is not solved by logic - maybe solved by emotion? The OMN cannot be built with logic, It might be able to be built by emotion. I think this is likely the root of many missing understandings? You can't stop the geeks/fashernista desire to fuckup but the is hope of mediating it with the #4opens that's about it.

The are issue's with algorithmic options in general “who guards the guardians” the #4opens are a safety feature that the #dotcon will remove. You would have to be very deluded to believe that #failbook works in a society sense no matter what individuals say, you should know this.

The Q. Is how to get a KISS project past alt apathy, geek complexity and fashernista... well just fashernista... #fashernesta = "stupid individualism" if your reading my older posts.

Part 2

Am more a #fuckup rather than #conspiracy type of guy but the lack of linking is a clear issue to be addressed.

The data, it's a soup, the sites are just spoons that dip. You get to choose by linking were the value is. Every one can have a spoon if they like (but talent will out, some spoons will have more value than others) so it's #4opens to linking and content. A silo is a single site like #failbook and the sites listed in this post. On the web the value is in linking content is just something to link to.

Silos host/horde content, if they don't link they have limited value.

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