Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon – the problem of #failbook

Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon, this is understood.

Yet for the last 10 years they have been increasingly/largely organized on Facebook and its importent to state the obvuse that this is having an affect on the gatherings. Facebook being a #dotcon is full on strong Babylon energy and this energy is overflowing/washing over into the Rainbow Gatherings and the people that come to them.

For #rainbow to have most of its organizing and communication in/on #failbook has been a clear bringing Babylon into Rainbow disaster. You can see this in the illness/eco disaster’s at European gatherings over the last 5 years. The recent regional one I was at for 3 weeks in Serbia this summer strongly affected, I was almost the only expirenced rainbow persion there most of the time. The were no Serbions, the ones that came all left after a few days. It was organised (not foculised) by a Bosnion who had real issues with serbs that keept serficeing in uncuftable ways. most of my time there was spent worked hard on the ground in circles to heal this on going “mess”. Though it had good moments.

Ok, your reading this and saying this is not my problem, facebook works for me etc. it might not be your interest, but saying this is is a problem should not be #blocked on rainbow facebook pages. Talking about the issues after the Serbion gathering and disaster of the polish Europen Gathering, why am being #blocked and called a troll on #failbook rainbow pages? Were did this power to block and censer come from in our gtaherings? The tag #failbook (the are other tags) is not my point of view its mainstream https://mastodon.social/tags/failbook lots of links here on the #openweb that show this.

If you won’t to take Rainbow into Babylon that’s fine and good. But please don’t bring Babylon into Rainbow. Remember Rainbow is not Babylon. We build our gatherings away from Babylon, just as we need to foculise and tell our story’s away from Babylon. In this our use of #Failbook is a clear and urgent problem for #rainbow

“step away”

Radical Networks

Q. “From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the World Wide Web, the concept of a free and open Internet is continously threatened by corporate interests and over-reaching governments. Radical Networks is a festival and a conference, designed to foster critical discussions around these issues and to create opportunities to learn more about policy, DIY networking and the future of the Internet.”
Radical Networks 2018
October 19-21, 2018 in Berlin, Germany

A. #fashernista I used to go to these and always wondered why I was there… we need a clear step away from events like this… were to step to is the question? Ideas?

Q. why do you think is not good attend this kind of event?

A. as they are run by and for a “social class” that is largely irrelevant or “blocking” by taking up space and funding, not that I have much hope for the funding being used in a useful way the taking of the space is a problem.

Ideas? Are the events on the same subject? Would like to be involved as have been working in this area for a long time… and have a number of active projects.

Power politics is always full of stupidity

Power politics is always full of stupidity as priorities and agendas are pushed as power games rather than human needs. Power politics brings out the worst in human community’s while pushing out, braking and destroying the best. Any structure with a higharcky will suffer from this.

While most people agree that such structures are useful for decision making, and that more horizontal structures are bad for fast moving community’s. The question has the be asked is the price of efficiency worth the cost of stupidity and squed agendas?

Horizontal structures can lead to a growth in stupidity in multiple smaller ways, but to an extent the smallness helps to mediate the big stupid paths and keeps humane agendas in focus

On balance, the second is better than the first, but how to communicate this to the efficiency focused modern world full of “power politics”.

Should the state run #failbook


A. Is this a good idea?

Q. It is certainly a better idea. Whether or not it is the best possible is another question …

A. We already have a healthy alt to the #dotcons growing. Do we need a state run one. This is a new look at a old debate between anarchist and socialists maybe. Https://campaign.openworlds.info

Q. The thing is that any alternative needs a certain critical mass of people to adopt it before it will work. I just can’t see how the breakthrough can be made by any completely independent alternative. Anything that can take over from FB needs massive publicity.

A. The “fedvers/activertypub” network has over 2 million users and growing. What we need now is a push and keep pushing of this. The Labour party should be doing this… it will likely not due to #fashernista agendas… but am not inside to make a real judgement in this? Any one in the loop?

A. What would a state lead social network look like? A big centralized #failbook or a local run federated network?

Serbian rainbow

When a rainbow gathering is “organized” rather than “foculised” you live through a more “dull” than “shiny” rainbow.

The Serbian gathering is 600m up in wooded mountains so we have both sun and regular strong thunder storms with torrential rain.

The kitchen was built before i came over a few dry days of flimsy plastic sheets on a dry stream bed surrounded by trees. We are in the mountains so when it inevitably rains/thunder for a week we have a river running over the kitchen leaving mud and rot. The was no energy or focus to build a new/stronger kitchen on dry ground.

The main fire was built by the “party crew” on a fine day in the drainage ditch running through the centre of the field. When it rained of course the whole fire was washed away and became a “sacred pool”.

This lack of awareness of living with nature and continuing “Babylon energy”, talking about fixing the “problem” of “unthinking” standing against nature and fighting against natural flows with the talk of dig more ditches to move the water away from were it wonted to go. Were the rainbow way is of course to live with the flows of nature, build “organic” structures in places in harmony with natural flows.

The gathering was looking like a fail, too hard-core daily existences for out reach or to stay in the low energy of the gathering. Leave or try to save it?

The building of the new kitchen took 5 days with lots of pushing. At a shiny rainbow it would have been built in 2 days with lots of joy. The pushing it self is a problem/not rainbow. Rearly the existing gathering was not rainbow. What to do?

The kitchen was built, circles happen, workshops start and the rainbow begins, this was rainbow 🙂

Power Trip: Fracking in the UK

Power Trip: Fracking in the UK (63mins) takes you onto the frontlines of UK resistance in the battle to stop the controversial energy extraction process known as ‘Fracking’.

Undercurrents productions show what happens beyond the few seconds glimpsed on the mainstream TV news. We follow grandmothers (Lancashire Nanas) as they team up with younger activists (Reclaim the Power) to shut down Cuadrilla’s drilling sites. In Lancashire and Sussex trucks are occupied, drilling sites are blocked and supply chains are disrupted. Police are spending millions of pounds trying (and failing) to stop the daily protests. One man attempts to make a citizens arrest on the Prime Minister for allegedly misleading the public over this form of extreme energy extraction

The film widens the discussion to highlight the role of the media and lobby groups in shaping public perception of unconventional gas and oil exploration. We hear from energy experts, journalists and key politicians amongst the voices of local residents and councillors.

Interviews include (amongst others)
George Monbiot, Columnist and author
Caroline Lucas MP, Leader of Green Party
John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor (Labour)
Tamasin Cave, Spinwatch
Tina Louise Rothery, Lancashire Nanas
Anna & others, Reclaim the Power
Paul Mobbs, Ecological Futurologist
Dale Vince, Founder Ecotricity
Prof. Andrew R. Barron, Director Energy Safety Research Institute
Kevin Blowe, The Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol)
Ruth Hayworth, Journalist Drill or Drop
Jamie Kelsey Fry, New Internationalist
John Vidal, Environment editor The Guardian

Building alt/grassroots media networks to challenge and widen the traditional media

Our current groups doing alt/grassroots media are too limited in there idea of what media could/should be in this the is either a naivety or a dishonesty . The most successful act and think they can be “big media” with out controlling the distribution of there content in any meaningful way. This is of course not unusual, the mainstream media is continually making this same mistake. All of them rely on the the #dotcons which nowadays is largely the Facebook algorithm for the there content distribution.

Our current grassroots/alt media have web sites so already have one foot in the openweb, but non of their sites prominently link in any meaningful way to each other. They do podcasts so anther foot in the open web, but all their effort for outreach is inside the #silos such as Apple itunes etc. it’s hard to directly blame them, though we should and will, for this sorry state.

So why are we here? On the one hand we have the #fashernista embrace of the #dotcons which almost all the current crew built there careers inside. A capitalist main-streaming.

On the other we have the suicidal embrace of #encryptionists complexity and parallel “standardisation” into a pointless/shrinking to nothingness alt-tech ghetto were our alt-geeks are and desire to stay. A liberal/libertarian main-streaming.

With these issues in mind I have been outreaching to these groups for the last year, and building real working openweb linking tech as part of the #OMN project. This currently is not been getting past the crews naivety/self interest/career focused thinking. Fair anufe if that is as far as there imagination/aspiration goes, but this is a clear problem for working alt/progressive/left media that urgently needs to be addressed.

So our current alt/grassroots media are irrelevant to rebooting a healthy society from a technical/social point of view. The is some good content but no realistic path for this media to be seen or spread in a way that can be affective for social change.

One simple and practical path to change this is a basic. To move on with alt/grassroots media producers linking to each other on the #openweb Currently they pointlessly do not do this, even though they have repeatedly stated they do over the last few years.

What action have I been taking over the last 10 years:

1) Keep private messaging them on steps they can take, this works to an extent, as last year I asked them to add more tags to their posts and they “broke” the User Interface on the #OMN software we are using by adding lots more – which is a good problem to have. A small step.

2) Publicly talk to them as a alt/grassroots media group in blog post and their social media – this currently has little affect.

3) Talk to them in public as producer groups – this has had a limited affect with some of the groups, will try this more.

4) Public talk to them as individual’s, this will generally get a private response and little/no action just words so far.

5) Name and shame them as groups who do not link/share with other groups in public, this might be needed for some of the groups, but this is a negative.

6) Name them as individuals within the producer groups and push for linking directly to them in public, name and point to the individual that this is a clear negative #fail a last stage.

Its a shame that this escalation is needed/not working – linking is a clear path to success on the web – the right-wing blogs/producers do this, its a simple #fail that the left/progressive do not now and generally never have link to each other.

“Make the world you wont to see” LINKING is the bases of the #openweb and a strong path to #rebooting the grassroots internet itself. Looking for helpful/happy people to crowed source the active conversation to make this happen, maybe we need a “new” alt-media content #reboot to pull the current ones onto a sustainable path, lead by example.

For this to be relevant we need working open media tech, the best example of this is mastodon/activertypub. The #OMN project uses this and is simple #4opens based on linking, its a “first step”.

Since we left London

Since we left London that we have been roughly marking on a map our overnight stops. It’s not graphically amazing but does give an idea on how far we got! Since we left London we’ve done 2750km on European Inland Waterways to Vienna on 8 different rivers and 17 canals throughout 3 countries. We’ve passed 498 locks, 5 lift bridges and 3 tunnels. We’ve moored at pirate moorings, free town walls or to other boats 70% of the times, in marinas 20% and at anchor 10% and we’ve filled up our diesel tank 3 times only! #themanwhoboughtalifeboat #boatinacrosseurope #boatingeurope #documentary #maps #journey #europeinlandwaterways #lifeboat #liveaboard #refurbished #compactliving #slowliving #travelgram #england  🇬🇧 #france🇫🇷 #germany🇩🇪 #austria🇦🇹 #thamesriver #englishchannel #frenchcanals #rhineriver #mainriver #maindonaukanal #danuberiver


Brainstorming London boater gentrification

*** this was a draft from a few years ago ***

London boaters


Ideology right fear

/left hope

The hoard of new boaters test them invite them to crusty boater events ask them for help etc. the ones that are happy to jump across the land water divide bring in. The ones that bulk and retreat push them out.

Publicize the resulting disaster tell each story so that media picks up on this bad vibe

Hide the good in (semi open) private groups

Use direct action on CRT (office occupations, blockaded etc.) with strong media pushing of actions.

Build DIY alts. This is hard one as most alts will push for encloses to profit – need a PGA statement to see which to support and which not.

Punish bad/crap/unsocial boater behaver both inside our community and as a last resort outside.

Do the who thing as lose affinity groups.

Summing up of the #webroots meetings at #nwsk

Summing up of the #webroots meetings at #nwsk

I came away feeling like an alien with the chasm that divides my #openweb view from the Facebook generation that made up the panel and ordnance.

Some thoughts:

As the guy from demo’s said the are better #openweb projects in most areas. Though these options were only said in a few words in passing.

It’s interesting that the has not been a mention of the WWW just the internet. This might be because a company like Facebook is not on the web do a search and you come to a login page, not content you can link to.

As said on the panel legislating for the #dotcons is dangerous for a wider www/internet view. On this positive note they knew they were incompetent for the roles they were playing. That’s a step.