Should we use tech or social to verify a news source/flow.

Looking at the indymedia reboot

Its verified by the crowd/community as you will have text, photos etc from the event from different views with some of them by known actors. The event happend.

A single post from a unknown source needs verification. Its journalism πŸ™‚ from a grassroots prospective based on communerty and trust in that community.

Of course what we lack in the contempery world is these very things. In this its the chicken/egg problem πŸ˜‰

The indymedia reboot is the egg, we the affinity group are the chickens?

As in everything in this project we look for the solution in the social first. Then look for tech that helps to build this social.

Focus on the #4opens #PGA hallmarks and try and solve the issue with the 5 functions.

Ha! This is startling to sound like a religion. Were in reality its about #KISS and keeping focus on this.

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