OMN is a trust based project

The idea is to use human moderation flows as a feture to spread federation wider. Each flow has to first be created then is eather trusted – ie they are going to keep posting good stuff or moderated that sometimes they post good stuff.

So the syteam only scales if human beings reach out to each other to build trust links. If everything stayes on moderated then the work load soon becomes unmanagable or the site is over run by irelavence or spam. in both cases the site seses to be usefull. This is a core feture of the network to push human scale federated trust communertys.

The only way to get a usefull site is to build a big healthy communerty (with wide groups of admins and modertaers) or a small focues trust group based on quality choice of conections. Both are good outcomes, and what the #OMN is about building.

If we build in automation then we will have lots of middling quality sites that are borderline usefull. A signal to noise issue. The will be less motivation to spesherlise and the network will likly fail becouse of this.

Less is more is a core of the project. The #geekproblem is the desire to improve the network with better tools

Spam and low quality posts have to find a way to flow into the network and when they are in they need to then flow to the quality parts of the network.

The problem we face is that the might not be any sites alowing new content in… so this will lead to the need to setup more outliying sites and spread the network wider and narrow the focues of these new sites to keep admin down, spreading the network wider and narrowing the focus etc.

You see a organic grouth of base sites narrow/local/subject to middle sites regional/topic to top sites outreach/mainstreaming.

The bootem sites feedup to the top sites both by quality tags subject feeds and aggregation editoreal articals. In both cases these directly link back to the bootem content sites.

The tredtional value priromid is reversed – the top sites are easey to setup and admin but hard to add value to. The middle sites are the core of the project sifting and adding value vier aggregation. All the true value lies at the base were the publishing happens

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