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Citizenfour – hiding behind Oscar

Here is my persional review of a good film to watch (DRAFT)

Its a feel good movie about brave people changing the world, and they are and they do. But its not a movie about the world changing.

The film reinforces my view that strong digital privacy like DRM in music, software and books is “broken” just like the 20th century copyright world. We as a culture need to get over this and move on. Many people knew this already. It's simple logic and lived experience to know that anything digital is open to copying and passing on. Your communication/identity is digital, so it's “open”.

The Snowden leeks, and the film about them, is important for the pre-digital majority who did/do not understand this, the head-in-the-ground worldview. The issue for me is that the film does not actually communicate the nature of open. It's probably why it won the Oscar, in that it allows people's heads not to move, which like many things in the modern world is a dangerous denial of reality we live in.

We need to pull our heads out of the sand and learn to live in the open, because that is where we are and where we will continue to be. Think for a moment: all the state spying, and power, goes out the window, when WE have the “open” knowledge and connections to self-organise. You as an indiviual can only hide from your friends, no matter how you try, and by doing this you're empowering your enemies and disempowering your friends. This film won an Oscar because it lets a whole generation of people keep looking the other way. They don’t have to turn to look at “open”.

For the technically curious, on the end credits it give a list of privacy tech that lots of people know are broken. Just takes a “google” search:

* The tor project – is not secure http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/tor-is-not-as-safe-as-you-may-think/

* Tails – uses Tor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tails_%28operating_system%29

* Debian/linux is nice, and being open source could be more secure, maybe, who actually knows?

* Off-the-record messaging – being p2p security might work, but equally vulnerable to screen/key logging etc.

* GNU privacy guard – being p2p can work https://vimeo.com/56881481

* Truecrypt – failed in a public way, like most open projects nobody knows if its secure or not http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/netsecur/opinion-truecrypt-the-nsa-and-the-myth-of-open-source-security.html

* Securedrop is you guessed it based on our “friend” Tor

Traditional media loves them because they don’t make traditional media think (no head turning involved). Yes, with P2P encryption you can get a limited privacy, anonymity is more vapours, and actually the film knows this, but it isn’t the message, if it was it wouldn’t be Oscar material.

Trade union - 2001 and undercover police

This is 3-4 video reports in one. I made them for FSTV a US satellite station and show the wide spectrum of demonstrating post Genoa. I think the is still one report missing will post it when I find it.

My thinking then as now is to show the tredtional events, walking from A-B in a radical way, but to concentrate more on the fring more alternative party and protest movement.

Brussels 2001 - December 13th, saw possibly the largest ever demonstration of trade union strength across Europe. Well over 100,000 people marched through the capital of the 'Europe of Profit' under the slogan, "Europe: it's us!" 

This film covers the wider demonstrations on that day.

Made by http://hamishcampbell.com

Diaz - Don't clean up this blood

I talk about my role in the film, Diaz; Don't Clean Up This Blood which is the a portrayal of the horrific assault by police on activists attending the Genoa G8 summit in 2001.

DIAZ - Don't clean up this blood - Trailer

This film has some of my video from 2001 in it a cameo of a actor playing me, am interested to see what the film makers have made of this powerful event.

You can get my view of the background to this film here http://hamishcampbell.com/home/-/blogs/diaz-up-in-the-water-tower

A short film OUTLINE - Hipster Burgers


* street in Dalston, filled with normal people, one hipster, 2 hipsters, half hipsters, then all hipsters

* Café (Otto) camera tracks, line of hipsters to the owner of the café serving Coffey – behind him a bored with organic, vegetarian, and Vegan (crossed out/sold out) burgers in stock.

* Montage different tables of happy hipsters eating burgers, the owner in the background with a questioner.

* Cut to owner asks questions to young pretty hipster couple “Q. something hipster, @ vegetarian or vegan”, hipster girl answers vegan. The owner is interested and asks them to the kitchen to see how the burgers are made.

* kitchen – have to right this bit?

* the owner standing by a rubbish bin, if you look closely in the bin are the cloths of the hipster bot and girl, CUT he washes his handing in a sink and they run red. He walks out of the kitchen smiling. FADE – Next day.

* SHOT morning clean up, glasses washing, righting up on the noticeboard “fresh in vegan burgers”

* CUT Kitchen chopping up the body, CUT to everybody eating

* Reverse opening shot, street full of hipsters, half full, 2 hipsters, one hipster, only normal people.

* Café closed sign, owners shuts door, takes off his hipster glasses and crushes them under foot, walks off – the street is empty.

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