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Hamish explaining the templates (video)

Good explanation of the language of film and the #visionontv video templates. I outline the 4 video news templates in a interview with spiritofsquatters at the Rainbow Gathering Slovakia 2012

London Anarchist Book Fair - Catholic Worker

Are a community of the international radical Christian ‘Catholic Worker’ movement. The Catholic Worker is Catholic, ecumenical, pacifist, communitarian and anarchist in the spirit of gentle personalism. The London Catholic Worker was brought together by the action of the Jubilee Ploughshares in 2000. Those who came together had long sensed the need for a Catholic Worker community of hospitality and resistance in the world’s second imperial city. Our work is now made up by two houses of hospitality, a community café and a drop-in soup kitchen, and continue to focus our resistance on the ‘war on terror’, British nuclear weapons and the arms trade. More info at http://londoncatholicworker.org/

Me and Marc working on live edit shows

Donnacha DeLong - what's wrong with the traditional media?

President of the National Union of Journalists Donnacha DeLong tells HamishCampbell what's wrong with the traditional media - who owns it! http://visionon.tv/grassroots

What's next for Sukey - the keep safe, mobile and informed app

We interview the core crew at OPENTECH in London. http://sukey.org/

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