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OMN and publishing on smart phones

Its interesting for a moment to look at the potential affect on radical media phone apps of the OMN.

Native “publish” from your phone “share this” to any node of the OMN and to many individual sites/blogs will work “out of the box” on any smart phone app that implements the OMN standards as its inherently a read/write network.

Any site can have an app on a mobile phone using the OMN – just add the tags of your site and a feed and your content will appear in an (own branded) standardized OMN app. Site can use this as a publishing gateway to there site from a mobile if they like.

On the subject of us all publishing to #dotcons, as EC say “Cos convenience and the software works” is why we publish to the #dotcons rather than our own “broken” sites. Its a step to a revolution to get round this problem.


Good sound recording with a mobile phone.

Comparing a mobile interview with an external mic and with mic built into the HTC phone

With mic, and with out mic (camera woman forgot to pug it in first time)

This is in a relatively low noise back ground, in a normal social space...

Using a good mobile phone with an external mic to shoot live video reports

Here are two short video pieces I did at the recent Occupylsx. Feel they work quite well, two crew, one on camera, one on mic and interview, then basic camera moves and VO/interview.

Shot and uploaded in an hour or so, I did a few more interviews but they were problematic for content and camerawork, it was a on the job training with the person I was working with.

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