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A example live edit TV studio schedule

We use to do a lot of live edit TV studios (though rember this one had a lot of tech issues)








Duncan Campbell  CONFIRMED

David Crouch  proposed

Workshop: Inside the Belly of the Beast: Radicals in the Mainstream Media (Sat 2.15-3.45pm)



Greg Philo  proposed

(Sat: 2.15-3.45  Know Your Enemy:  Who Controls the Media)

Mark Curtis  proposed

SHARED WORKSHOP: War and the Media (Sat 4.15-5.45pm)







Ciaran Moore CONFIRMED

Wkshp: Dole TV: Television from Ireland’s Unemployed (Sat 4.14-5.45)



Laurie Penny proposed  

Nimco Ali  proposed

Wkshp:  The F-Word: Feminist Media  for the 21st Century (Sat: 4.15-5.45pm)




Sakura Saunders  CONFIRMED

Teresa Marshall  CONFIRMED

Leah Borromeo CONFIRMED

WORKSHOP:  Meet the Radical Media Makers (Sat 2.15-3.45pm)



Michael Albert CONFIRMED

Wkshp: ZNet, ZSocial and Beyond (Sun: 11.30-1pm)



Bill Thompson proposed

Becky Hogge proposed

Wkshp: Whose Internet is it? Are We Losing the War? (Sat 2.15-3.45 )



John Pilger  CONFIRMED

Workshop: War and the Media (Sat 4.15-5.45pm)









Workshop: Think Radical! Act Local (Sun: 9.30-11am)



Corine Dhondee proposed

Peter Tatchell (Outrage)

Eleanor Lisney CONFIRMED

Worskhop: Getting Your Own Back: Is a media problem shared a media problem solved?



Dan Hind proposed (Sun 11.30-1 UK Media Reform  in the Digital Age

Ruth Potts  CONFIRMED (Sun: 2-3.15 De-throning Economics and Business Reporting)

BOTH ARE IN:  Changing the System, Radical Visions for Transforming the UK’s Media (Sun 10.30-11.30)



Zahera Harb (x3) possible (call her) (Sat: 2.15-3.45pm PR, Propaganda and Censorship; Sun: 11.30-1pm We Are Everywhere: Voices from the Global South) OR 5pm Sunday (see below)

SUN 13.30 Taesun Kwon proposed

SHARED WORKSHOP: We Are Everywhere: Voices from

the Global South (Sun 11.30-1pm)



Simon Murray (Shake person) for him to propose to his group (Samia, Selina etc)

Workshop: Unheard Voices: Youth, ‘The Riots’ and the Media Sun: 11.30-1pm



Zahera Harb CONFIRMED (Sat: 2.15-3.45  PR, Propaganda and Censorship; Sun: 11.30-1pm We Are Everywhere: Voices from the Global South)


Possible interview


Cynthia Cockburn (x2) (Sat 2.15 - 3.45 Out of the Ivory Tower: Making Academic Research Relevant to Journalists and Activists)

Natalie Fenton (Sat: 2.15-3.45  Know Your Enemy: Who Controls the Media)

Kate  Belgrave (Sat 2.25-3.45  Mind the Gap: What’s Missing from the UK Radical Media Scene)

Marc Wadsworth (facilitator Sat 2.15-3.45 Out of the Ivory Tower: Making Academic Research Relevant to Journalists and Activists)

Philip Hammond (Sat 2.15 - 3.45 Out of the Ivory Tower: Making Academic Research Relevant to Journalists and Activists)

Steven Speed (Sun: 9.30-11 Think Radical! Act Local)

Susanne Schuster (Sun: 9.30-11 Crossing the Language Barrier: Activist Translation)

Lidy Nacpil (facilitator,  Sun: 11.30-1pm We Are Everywhere: Voices from the Global South)

Gareth Evans (facilitator, Sun 11.30-1pm Just Doing It: Women Documentary Makers and Social Change

Alison Edgley (x2) (Sat: 4.15-5.45 The ABCs of the Propaganda Model)

David Miller (x2) (Sat: 2.15-3.45  Know Your Enemy: Who Controls the Media; Sat: 4.15-5.45  Tripping the Powerful: How Spinwatch Investigates Corruption and Abuses of Power)

Hazel Healey Saving the (Radical) Press (Sat 4.15-5.45pm)

Live edit PC

This is a costing for the full portabel studio setup

Shoping list

* Thermaltake LANbox SFF Gaming Case http://www.hardwareking.net/product_info.php?currency=GBP&info=p85847_Thermaltake-Lanbox-Lite-black--VF6000BNS-.html (with no windows)

£ 50

* CoolerMaster Silent Pro M500 Power supply - 500 Watt


* MSI H67MA-E45 Motherboard B3 or Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 (rev. 2.0)


* i7 processer http://mocustoms.co.uk/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=32159


* Grafics card http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-geforce-gtx-460-us.html


* HDMI capture http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/intensity


* firewire capture card http://www.maplin.co.uk/pci-express-3-port-21-firewire-221528


* memery card reader


* SSD main drive http://www.dabs.com/products/crucial-128gb-m4-sata-6gb-s-2-5--solid-state-drive-7GL1.html


* 2TB hardrive 7200 http://www.trusthardware.co.uk/products.asp?partno=WD20EVDS


8GB ram 


Total £950 + upto £100 postage

Screen £130  


Live edit PC

The plan is to have a reliable portable (easy to carry) 3 live camera + screen capture with the ability to both stream and capture to file at the same time. And have the capability to capture 720P video. This will also be used as a HD H264 AVC traditional editing PC and for bulk encoding.

Case must be small and light and strong to run quietly

i7 4 core processor

Nvideo grafics card with at least 1GB of ram and cuda – reliable drivers – drive 2-3 displays

4-8 GB of ram

built in fire-wire

extra firewire card 

black magic Intensity Pro video capture card

spare expansion slots


SD card reader

DVD recorder is optional

SSD for main hardrive

Fast 2TB second hard drive for video storage

Then use external drives for backup. We could use a local network drive for capture to edit/encode on external laptop

Windows 7

It will only run Premiere, Wirecast, and Photoshop

Internet will be locked down

Need a compacted, strong and light monitor to go with it.



2x £50 each =£100

1x HDC-TM900 camcorder £750

Long HDMI Cable £30x2 =£60


Camtree LED Light 600-LED with Barn Doors & Battery Mount Plate + Tripod light Stand video studio & location continuous lighting with 4-gel filter, AC Adapters & storage bag

3x £276 =£828


Rode NTG-1 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

2x £150 =£300

My first backpack Solar edit studio


A how to - Solar video production/editing studio.

Filmmakers/writers/graphic designers have you ever dreamed of being able to work in the hart of nature rather than a boring office in the hart of the rat race. Well now you can work away from the electric grid (in a sunny climate) using small scale, light wate solar technology, the latest folded solar panels work well for powering portable electronics. Here we provide a setup for a solar powered video production/editing studio that fits in a small day backpack.

For a small laptop the cost of the solar power system is around 350-400 pounds, and for a big laptop around 600-650 pounds which might seam a lot but this is for free portable power from the sun for 20 years (the life of the panel).

You can also use this system for charging any small electronics devices: ipods, mobile phones, PDA’s MP3 players, GPS systems etc. vie a car cigarette lighter adapter, or by a using a small DC to DC power adapter (they come with different power tips that fit most devices).

The parts

Folding Solar Panel
Sunling produces a 25W panel that will charge laptops and camera batteries and run a small laptop if the panel is in full sunlight. The is a more expensive 55W panel (P3) that will run larger laptops. To make it all work efficiently you need full sun and a way to adjust the position of the solar panels to face the sun directly as it moves through the sky.

Charge controller
This acts as a basic power regulator and in shores that the “buffer” battery isn’t over charged and damaged.

“buffer” Battery
The solar panels output unregulated power from 12-25V, with most appliances used being designed to run off 12V this can easily damage electrical equipment – thus the battery provides a buffer to “sock up” this excess voltage and put out a more stable 12-14V of power which the equipment is designed to handle. It also allows a reserve of power when the sun goes behind a cloud the laptop will run (10-15 min) or continue charging (30 min or so) drawing power from the battery and panel. The buffer battery automatically chargesoff the panels when you are not using or have finished charging your laptop/camera batteries.

DC to DC converter for laptop power
This takes the 12-14V from the solar panel (and/or the buffer battery) and coverts it into the correct stable voltage for the laptop in the case of the fugitzue this is 16V. They also come with a selection of connecter tips so you can plug the system directly into the normal DC power plug of most popular laptops.

Cables and adapters
You need a bundle of assorted cables, car cigarette power plugs, crocodile clips etc to plug every thing together. Ones you have the system running well there can be hardwired into a neat/secure connecter box.

Small laptop
Its good to use a laptop that is very low power with a good size battery. Change the power settings in the operating system power management to maximize battery life/runtime.

To directly power the camera you can use a 12V car cigarette power supply (buy from the manufacture). Or the best option is to get a cheap 12V battery charger which saves the camera from possible damage from the variable voltages of a solar system. Then run the camera off the batteries when using it as an editing deck. This will work better as your panel might not provide anufe power to run the laptop and camera simultaneously while editing.

12V camera battery charger
Are cheap and available for most camcorder batteries.  You can also charge all normal rechargeable batteries for other appliances with the appropriate charger.

A shady waterproof spot for editing
To easily see the laptop screen and work comftabel you need a shady environment, with reliable full sunlight close by for the solar panel. Electronic equipment doesn’t like heat, moister, salt or dust so when not working keep everything in a clean sealed containers and outa the sun.

Your expensive electrical equipment is very fragile and the is no guaranty that the vagaries of solar power will not damage it. We can accept no responsibility for such damage – be careful/aware when plugging things together:

* if in any doubt get some one who understands electricity to help you out.
* normally black goes to black and red to red when connecting 12V cables.
* test everything thouraly, make shore all electrical connections are secure/soldered and cannot move/short out. 
* when testing use a volt meter to check output voltages at each stage of the connections.
* always use a “buffer battery” or some sought of voltage regulator  (the charge controller is NOT a voltage regulator).
* plug appliances in, if the charging light doesn’t come on un-plug themIMMEDATLY and re-check all the connections/settings.
* keep a good eye on all components till you are shore the system is reliable and safe – look for flashing warning lights, burning smells, excess heat and other problems.

When your solar system is stable it can be a very safe and reliably source of sustainable power. If you have any more questions or need handholding through the process of buying and configuring we run a consultancy - please get in touch Hamish@undercurrents.org




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