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Citizen journalism equipment update 2014


It seems this phone has issues with the adapter cable, so hold on any purchase for the moment.


We couldent get the moto G to work with the adapter cable, we trayed every way for a few weeks. So tryed the nexus 5 that had simuler issues but finaly worked useing a 3ed party camera app.

For a cheap first citizen journalism phone/camera I would recommend the 2014 version of the Moto G


Then you need Audio Technica PRO24


And finerly a mic adapter to plug them togather



As technology keeps updating, I haven’t tested these just based on reviews, please message me with your direct experience.

You could try something like this to stabilise the mobile as they are small and light so and hard to hold steady.  You will have to reach and buy this yourself, report back if you find a good one.

Undercurrents and the birth of “video activism”


With the birth of the camcorder a small organisation called undercurrets helped to shape the idea of “citizen journalism” well before it became a buzz word in the mainstream. How did it do this?

* distribution - it found a cheap universal technology the VHS video cassette.

* production - it had the only video editing sweat available for grassroots video making.

* mindset - A fertile crossover of mainstream and grassroots at the core of its DNA. it had an idea of quality which in hand with its radical horizontalisam of the ant-road movement it growth out of created a unique view of the world that you just didn’t see in traditional media.

* right place at right time - it came out of a movement and travelled within that movement – when that movement dispersed it to lost its way for a time.

Undercurrents is still running and supporting radical media though as the crew age's it has softened it's core subject matter.

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