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The Pressblock take Oxford Street #Oct20

The Pressblock take Oxford Street, blocked McDonald's, Starbucks and occupy Trafalgar sq during  #Oct20 Radical Journalist's putting there body’s on the line to bring wrong doers to account.

A satire - at many demo’s the are more people with cameras than demonstrates. Shot, edited and distributed from a mobile phone. Part of visionOntv's use the tool's in your pocket project. 

The best voltage regulator/battery for portable laptop solar power

You need to buy this exact model myPower ALL Plus MP3450i R3 External Instrument Battery as the cheaper ones in the myPower range do not allow power pass through, that is you can only charge OR power you cant do both at the same time. It also regulates the power in from 12-24VDC to charge the battery. A one stop solution for medium powered portable devices when combined with a 20-30 watt solar panel. 

myPower ALL Plus MP3450i is a lithium polymer battery (16% more capacity than MP3450) for use with portable, laptops, instruments and equipment as portable power, or as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for battery backup. This universal battery provides power for equipment between 5V and 19V. 

16.5 oz

6.85" (L) x 3.32" (W) x .9" (D)

18 Watt Folding Solar Panel Laptop Charger

This is cheap and lightNature Power 55020 18 Watt Folding Solar Panel Laptop Charger w/8 Amp Controller.

It would work fine for powering a tablet or netbook, might just manage to power a small ultralight laptop - but will not  have anufe umpf to power a full size laptop - though would probably charge a fullsided laptop's battery slowly.


Nature Power 55020 18 Watt Folding Solar Panel Laptop Charger w/8 Amp Controller

  • Rugged and Weather Resistant Canvas
  • High Powered Crystalline Technology
  • O-Rings for Mounting
  • 8 Amp Charge Controller
  • 10 Laptop Adapter Plugs
  • Battery Clamps
  • 12\' Wire\

I haven't tested this - funding permiting I will get one to review, in theory it would work well with this Tekkeon 3450i

Portable power pack

This looks quite usefull, next time we get some funding in I will get one to try, has anyone used one?

PortaPow Premium Dual Emergency USB Battery Extender External Pack here

The capacity is 6600mAh, 203g and 110x88x15mm

The pack outputs 2.1A from one socket and 1A from the other, a total of 3.1A of power which will alow fast chargeing. the only issue seams to be that it whont pass charge through (need to test this).


The Political Compass

From http://www.politicalcompass.org

What is visionOntv and why is it important?

This video from 2010 sumes up why we have been working so hard to build a better more open media at visionOntv

Grassroots video distribution - from ruffcuts to visionOntv

How did we distribute digital video before the era of broadband. Ruffcuts and the start of the copy-left revolution.

Balance of power in new-media's place in society from 09/05/2009


The balance of power in alt-media is too unbalanced to create an effective alternative voice in the upcoming mainstream media crises. Lets look at video on the web and IPTV


Currently alt-media video is scuwred to the geeks, all the current CMS's and tools are to complex and obscurantist to use. The technology needed to produce video content is in place, but only from the corporate providers. If we don’t worry about this then what is missing for video is the craft of story telling and the language of film. Geeks rule, producers are largely ineffective, and consumers very minority.

In mainstream, it is equally skewed to the producers (in this case the owners), geeks are hobbled by blind corporate structures and out of date management, and the consumers are just fed lowest common denominator drip. Sky TV and CNN

In the new social media spheres the consumers and producers have a much more balanced role, but are still healds by the walled gardens of the corporate mindset. The producers of the backbone services such as Twitter and Facebook.

What we have to build is a better balance between the geeks who produces the inherently complex tools in a form that are both accessible and useable by producers and consumers, the producers are left to produces what they wont in freedom and the consumers to consume it and in tern play a role in its production. The consumers choose to support the geeks and producers they favour.

This last outcome is both inevitable and very uncertain depending on which side of the bed you get out of in the morning.

What is a Rainbow Gathering?

The corrected welcome sign from the European Rainbow Gathering 2012 in Slovakia

(click on the photo for bigger image)


"The largest non-organization of non-members in the world. We have no leaders, and no organization. To be honest, the Rainbow Family means different things to different people. I think it's safe to say we're into intentional community building, non-violence, and alternative lifestyles. We also believe that Peace and Love are a great thing, and there isn't enough of that in this world." 

Is a good discription of rainbow gathering from Benoit Paillé

Why do activist media? from 17/09/2009

This was written as a reaction to activist focus on getting traditional media and the growing trap of corporate social media.

Why do activist media?

To do an action and not be able to communicate it is almost not to do the action at all.

* You need a photo of the spanner going into the works

* You need a photo of the campaigners going over the fence.

* You need video of the activist saying why they did it

* You need a picture of the target and the target at work

All these things are needed to communicate why, what and when the thing happened – if they aren’t there then the public affect of the action will be but a fraction of what it could be.

The economic damage of the spanner going into the machine will be real, but the inspiration of the action is in many ways as important as coverage like this is probably the resion/motivation for the current action – and it is only a series of actions that will change society not isolated and invisible single actions. Using media to amplify your message is key to the content of your action.

You could invite mainstream media along

* but they likely won’t come

* they will tell the target and/or the police

* they will not be part of any illegal activity so wont get the shoots they need to tell the story.

* when you are done a editor higher up (in hand with there lawyers) will change the message to be something you will not only be disappointed with but probably furious with – it’s the nature of mainstream media to misrepresent any social change activity that isn’t sanctioned by the mainstream, this is unlikely to change.

Media is key to the message, all media is good media, but some is more useful for radical purpose than others. Lets make DIY work and make our own media.

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