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People who aspire to be exploitation class

We have a problem of exploitation class of people, or people who aspire to be exploitation class. I see this in the outside filmmakers wanting to use boats as a "sustainable way of navigating rising living costs in the capital" on #Londonboaters FB group. ln the hippy/spiritual porn images in #rainbowgathering FB groups. OK such people exist, the issue for me is the naivety of sharing them as a "good" as this is the path of co-option and decline of the lovely/real alt/grassroots. Have a word with such to try and bring them in, if in any doubt kick um out. If they have any "truth" in um they will find there way back in.

Further to this subjec the is a question I would like an answer to: are these "liberal radicals" friends or foes. or is the a more complex anaser?

Eli Pariser (born December 17, 1980) is the chief executive of Upworthy, a website for "meaningful" viral content.[1] He is a left-wing political and internet activist, the board president of MoveOn.org and a co-founder of Avaaz.org.
My instinct is too treat them as foes and put their projects into the "use and abuse" category alongside the #dotcons

And a added question is the a way to work with them that can have useful outcomes?

These ones can be friends as they operate privileged "open'ish" spaces. The Q. is can the be partners?


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