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April London Liferay User Meetup

It was a good to share skills and ideas with the different groups last night. We introduced a range of programmers and developers to Liferay, and started what is almost certainly the first community bug-fix of a Liferay site in London.

The next London Liferay User meetup will be in June, as next month the Liferay/Zaizi sponsored meetup group has an event on May 2nd. Please join the group if you haven't already and come along. http://www.meetup.com/official-london-liferay-meetup-group

The project of the Liferay site we were fixing last night, Spring of Code, will be in full development mode at its next meeting on 24th April: presentations, pitches, Q&A, pizza and drinks. So have a look at current projects if you want to know what's up or get ready to pitch your idea to the group at the next event! http://springofcode.org/projects

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